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    Hi all. I was made redundant on my last day before christmas and i’m in a panic. i just want advice on how to keep my little man in a routine during the day like the creche had him in. He learned loads. Is there any sights with activities or things that I can do with him so his development won’t be affected…also playgroups as I want to keep his interaction up with other children. I know this will be my toughest role yet and would love some advice


    Bit of a shock, but stay positive. Having children myself and not out working routine is so important for your sanity and not to get into a rut. Simple things like getting up at a certain time, getting dressed, breakfast time, dinner time, tea and bed times are so important. Not a military operation but just simple routines…..can be easy to let bedtime slip into a later one when you don’t have to get him or yourself up early in the morning but it’s more trouble thanits worth. Keep as much of his routine the same as it was I’d say.

    During the day children love being around the house with you and do simple little jobs to ‘help’..this is all fun and learning to them. Getting out of the house is sometimes necessary as the walls can feel like they’re closing in especially if you and your son are used to not being in the house all the time. Little walks, playparks, the garden or simply give him a brush to sweep outside or a spot in the garden to dig freely will give you both a chance to get out.

    There are mother and toddler groups around, one in CLogherhead I know on a Thursday morning I think….even just getting other children in to play with yours for a while…….doesn’t have to be a long play even a short play is fun for kids.

    At least, fair play to you, you acknowledge it’s a tough job. Think thats half the battle………if you thought hey this is easy you might have a harder time.

    You’ll find what works for you………and hopefully you’ll both enjoy your time together until you get another job.

    Good Luck



    Hi Gismo, Sorry to hear you were let go just before Christmas, hope things will look up for ya…..

    i’m a sahm and have been since bab was born that’s 3 years now…..just be careful you don’t let yourself slip into the no going anywhere phase as that’s when things can get lonely and you get into a rut…..

    the best thing to do is try and meet other mom’s that are at home….pst here or pm if wanna meet anyone there’s no prob….
    there’s a few playgroups…..
    wed & thurs donacarney playgroup in the old school house red brick building ….think it’s 10am or 10.30am
    Tues 10.30am – the presbyterian church in palace street, that’s a lovely one also you can wander around town too to kill time….

    also check local paper for more, there’s more being set up all around as more and more mom’s are staying at home….
    you could go to astrotots on a wed morning for coffee mornings….kangaroo club is open thurs – sun…..think they have coffee mornings on fri not sure though….
    you could always take a trip to argillan castle beautiful playground there, also newbridge house nice playground there recently done up…..

    again regards doing things with your ds, maybe make out a plan…sounds mad but there are days you don’t use it and days you might…..but you could sit and do painting one morning, or go out for walk and spot different flowers or something pick them make a picture, playdough time, or bake little cakes, cheap and simple kids love to cook and get messy….or lay out black bags on the floor get pots and pans with cups and let him water play……
    have story time, maybe if having him down for a nap include that as his nap story…..

    Believe me you’re child will not be loosing out on anything by not going to creche, it’s amazing the aount they learn from you, don’t ever feel quilty or doubt yourself…..

    believe in yourself, it can be hard to be back with ds all day when you’re not used to being with him all day, it will be novel at first then will wear off but you have to try and stick that out as it can get ya down as you get tired, but as you learn his routine and you build your own routine it’ll be fine…..the other thing to do is to also make time for yourself…..pop out to see a friend without ds when dh is homeor have a walk…..it’s good for the soul….

    But enjoy it….the past 3 years i thought would drag in but they have flown by, my ds is now in playschool and i had a little cry on christmas eve as i tucked him, in he’s sooo grown up now and he’s getting more grown up i wish he’d stay this age forever….

    seeing the things he can do is great but i dread him growing too old not wanting mammy, i’m sad but hey that’s life…..

    but best of luck becoming a sahm, you’ll be fine and again don’t be shy, if you want to meet up with any mom’s just ask….


    girls thank you so much for all your great advice it is very much appreciated. Scole1 coffee morning in astro tots sounds perfect as ds loves going there. Do many people go? I will be so nervous joining in the first time. Is it a mumstown thing or do I have to reserve a place or anything. What way does it work? I’m so out of tune in things like these i feel like such an amateur mother even though ds is 2 and a half.

    I’m also expecting my second baby and I’m due in March so I’m so worried about how i will copy at home with two of them. I really want to do right by my children and its going to be the toughest challenge yet but i’m determined to do well


    you will be fine, don’t think too much about it…you’ll be great and no doubt you are already……
    astrotots coffee mornings usually in the morning on a wed think about 10 or so, 5euro for an hour and half…..my ds is in playschool during the morning so i usually head after playschool around lunchtime with taylor and her ds, it’s quieter….if ya wanted to come along with us more than welcome……


    you’ll be fine gismo
    i’ve never gone to the astrotots coffee morning i’d never fit in the tunnels and things at the moment and the children always want me to play in it with them (plus it costs too much at the moment for all 3)
    but i’ve heard good reviews from it


    Gismo you will be fine he will love being at home wiht mammy.

    Are you allowed make someone redundant so close to maternity leave? I wouldnt be 100% but Im sure you cant be laid off so late on in pregnancy, I would ring citizens advice


    Thanks Taylor will definitely check it out. I’m dosed with a cold so feeling very miserable today. Was in the hospital last night as I thought i was leaking water but they checked and babs is fine. Think i leaked from all the coughing i’m doing.


    hi gismo – i’m sure you’ll be fine and it’d be great to be at home with the 2 children. i’m due no2 in june and would love to be home but ain’t gonna happen – my dh is out of work for almost a year so not really an option for me at the minute.
    I would definitely check out the whole thing about letting you go so close to your maternity leave – had you applied for your maternity leave yet? i know a friend of mine was amde redundant a few weeks before her ml started and she was put onto maternity leave straight away!


    There is also a playgroup on the Dublin road, i think it is St. Mary parich hall (can’t rememeber the name of the actual building), it is beside the florist.

    It is on a Wednesday morning 10 -12. I sometimes bring my ds & the mothers are really nice. It is only €2.

    I was nervous the first time there but didn’t take long to start chatting to the others.


    Thanks a million. Will look into them for definite. Just trying to find my feet at the minute. I tell you one thing..its amazing how the day flies when you are at home..there is a lot of work involved in being a sahm ..and i’m exhausted already :L:L:L:L:L:L Just taking time to try and get into a routine. My little son doesn’t wake til 9.30 in the morning so i’m blessed in that sense. But wonder how I will be fixed when baby number 2 comes along!! All my best laid plans will probably go out the window and the house will be turned upside down :L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L



    You poor thing and right before Christmas. But your attitude is incredible and you obviously have a very organised mind. All the girls are right about the toddlers and Mums groups. Have you any friends with children at similar ages?

    As a Mum of a 6 year old I think what they focused on at playgroup was developing his alphabet, numbers, colouring, holding scissors and cutting.

    I was a SAHM and now am a WAHM and maybe you could do the same. Check out http://www.iamawahm.com. They have loads of info and you never know.

    Hope this is of some help,
    Sian xx


    Sian thanks a million will definitely check that website out. Its my second week as sahm (well f I was due back at work would have been back last monday). I’m starting to potty train my little man this morning so that will be my job for the next few weeks…hopefully all going well.
    My next project is to get my hospital bag ready for hospital too. And keeping the house tidy. so will have my hands full for thenext while. I’m actually starting to enjoy it. Love being at home with ds.

    I have set up some play dates and have yet to join a play group but going to wait until i have the little man fully confident with the potty training so will be grounded for the next while 😥


    See, the perfect multi-tasker! If I was hiring at the moment you would be top of my list! You won’t be on the shelf for long.

    Best of luck x

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