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    Hi all! :D
    I always seem to have loads of questions so thank you to everyone for your answers! Great to have people who’ve been there to reassure others :D :D

    So I had to call the labour ward today and go in for an examination as I found blood in my underwear this afternoon (i’m now 38+4 weeks) I was examined and they seem happy with my placenta and baby ect.. The doc told me it was prob a show and I could go home.
    I was told before though that a show is one of the first signs of labour? :? :oops: Has anyone else experienced this?
    Thanks :D :D


    Hi there,
    I had a show on both my pregnacies… first at about 39 weeks, doctor told me he could see me deliver in the next day or so, had to be induced 9 days later 🙄

    Had 2 bloody shows on ds2 at 32 weeks, was in hospital for over a week but ds2 didnt arrive until 38 weeks, so in my case a show meant nothing… but in my sister had a show in was in labour later that night, its such a tricky one to call, enjoy your time and relax, im sure you have the bag ready to go and petrol in the car… good luck and hope you dont have too long to wait


    I had no shows on my first two labours but I had one on my third labour, right near the the end of labour and a few minutes later, baby was born. So it happened at the end for me, where is happens for many women, like you before or at the start of labour.

    The show is the mucus plug at the entrance to your cervix and means things are moving along, it could be today or in a few days but its still a good sign. If your water break then you’ll really be moving along!

    My waters broke on my first two labours and it was so exciting, not at all painful, just exciting!

    Rest up now as much as you can so you’ll have plenty of energy when the time comes.

    So exciting – you’re nearly there!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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