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    :x One of those things that really, really makes me mad. Driving along the quay this morning, an ambulance has its sirens going, lights flashing. We pulled in as did everyone else to let it past……….bar one. This driver!!! kept driving at her own pace. The ambulance was behind her all lights and sirens and no, no rush on her to pull in. She finally did at the corner before you turn up for Constitution Hill……………….. :twisted:


    I saw that aswell on my way into work……unbelievable


    Sure half of them have blinkers on and wouldnt notice a ambulance behind them…. i was behind a car today (a very old woman) she went onto the M1 DOING 20 MPH!!!!!! Out she went and the car on the motorway doing 70 was ontop of her doing 20 in seconds… he had to pull out into the fast lane!!!!! I had a look at her when passing, God bless her she was tipping along as if going down west street on a busy saturday, not a motorway!! 🙄
    How she didnt cause a pile up i will never know!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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