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    I just had to post this as it did my heart good this morning and put a spring in my step :D My dd started school in September – she is a quiet shy girl but she LOVES LOVES LOVES school and im so delighted she is doing so well and enjoying every minute. Yesterday she asked me to buy ingredients to bake some rocky roads for her teacher – so she can have one for her break :lol: So i did and when she got home from school got busily into making these for her teacher – This morning first thing was Mam dont forget the rocky road for teacher – so she wrapped it herself put it into a little bag and off we went – she got into her line and i looked through the window as she handed teacher her rocky road and gave her a big hug – the big smile on my little girls face as she took her seat was just priceless :D


    ah that’s great Beams – brilliant to see them so settled


    Oh that is so sweet, i love the fact the teacher hugged her 😀 Its the little things that can warm your heart so much, delighted she is fitting in so well


    I am such a sap – that brought tears to my eyes!!! So sweet. We worry so much about how they will settle at school and it is lovely to hear it is going so well for her, especially as she is shy and that can be a worry. Thats really nice. 😀


    Thats lovely Beams!

    Its great to see that they love school and their teacher so much!


    She actually adores her teacher 😆 My dd is such a girly girl – and teacher is always so trendy and well turned out – my dd actually wants little plaits like her teacher tomorrow 😀 I wonder if her teacher had been a man would her interest in school be as strong !! Anyway long may it last 😀


    My ds loved his junior infants teacher, he told his senior infants teacher that the junior infants teacher was his favourite as she always dressed so nice…. the senior teacher got a great laugh out of it, but do think her feelings were hurt a little bit 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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