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    I came across this product when my friend started taking it last year. She suffered from sinusitis and low energy. Both problems cleared up for her.

    I decided to try it for IBS (bloating, tummy cramps and constipation). These problems are practically gone now. The only time I suffer with IBS symptoms now are when I am really stressed. But day to day it has completed sorted itself out.

    The product is made only from raw fruit and vegetables. 17 raw fruits and veg are dried and put into capsules. You take 2 fruit capsules before breakfast and 2 veg capsules before dinner and that is it.

    There is a gummies version for kids, which I give to my DS and DD. They eat fruit but do not eat raw veg so this helps to get raw veg into them (cooking removes the nutrients in veg)

    There are a lot of scientific studies on the product which have proven its effectiveness in increasing the amount of anti-oxidants in your body. Anti-oxidants protect the body from cancer, heart disease and all other illnesses. After reading the research itmade sense to me. It bridges the gap between the amount of raw fruit and veg that I do eat and the amount of raw fruit and veg that I should eat.

    There will be an information evening in Divine Beauty in the centre of Drogheda on Weds at 8.00pm if you would like more info.

    Alternatively you can pm me and I can send on information to you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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