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    With World Oral Health Care Day just around the corner, March 20th, Jordan Oral Care is excited to announce that its beloved Kids’ Step Range is conveniently available at one of Ireland’s leading supermarket chains, Dunnes Stores. Plus, for a limited time from 26th March, seize the opportunity to enjoy an incredible 50% discount on the entire Jordan Oral Care Kids’ Range in selected Dunnes Stores making it the perfect time to stock up.

    Parents browsing the aisles of Dunnes Stores across Ireland will be greeted with the vibrant and engaging Jordan Kids products. With a focus on making dental care fun and engaging, Jordan Oral Care’s step range for kids combines effective cleaning with imaginative designs, inspiring children to embrace their dental routine from an early age.

    As Easter approaches, children eagerly anticipate the delightful chocolate treats that come with the tasty season. Jordan Oral Care recognises the joy these treats bring while also emphasising the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene, particularly during times of heightened sweet consumption. Jordan Oral Care encourages parents to promote responsible oral care habits such as regular brushing and moderation in Easter Eggs and chocolate sweet treats to safeguard their children’s dental health throughout the Easter festivities.

    Jordan Step 0-2 Toothbrush (NORMAL RRP €3.20 – RRP AFTER 50% DISCOUNT €1.60): Crafted with extra soft bristles, perfect for tender baby gums and first teeth. This toothbrush features a toothpaste indicator to guide your child on the right amount of fluoride toothpaste to use, along with a combined teething ring for added comfort.
    Jordan Step 3-5 Years Toothbrush (NORMAL RRP €3.20 – RRP AFTER 50% DISCOUNT €1.60): Designed with a magic tip to effectively clean a mix of permanent and milk teeth. It includes a travel fun cap and ergonomic handle for easy grip and optimal reach.
    Jordan 6-9 Toothbrush (NORMAL RRP €3.20 – RRP AFTER 50% DISCOUNT €1.60): Tailored for children aged 6-9 with soft bristles and a special tip featuring pyramid-shaped bristles, ideal for cleaning various tooth shapes and sizes. The comfortable handle is suitable for both kids and parents.
    Jordan Kids 0-5 years and Junior 6-12 years Toothpaste (NORMAL RRP €3.20 – RRP AFTER 50% DISCOUNT €1.60): The first teeth need special care and that’s why Jordan Oral Care created a baby toothpaste, especially for ages 0-5 with the recommended fluoride content (500ppm) and without SLS, Parabens and sugar. With a mild taste that children adore (raspberry) and efficacy that parents adore!
    What sets Jordan Oral Care apart:

    Age-Appropriate Solutions: Recognising that children have unique dental needs at different stages of development, Jordan Oral Care offers products tailored to specific age groups, ensuring optimal care and comfort for kids from infancy through early childhood.
    Educational Approach: The Step range incorporates educational elements, teaching children the importance of proper dental care while making the experience enjoyable. From colourful toothbrushes to gentle toothpaste flavours, every product aims to encourage healthy habits that last a lifetime.
    Trusted Quality: Jordan Oral Care is committed to providing high-quality oral hygiene products that parents can trust. With decades of experience in dental care, the brand prioritises safety, efficacy, and innovation in every item within its step range for kids.
    Maintaining excellent oral hygiene habits from childhood is vital for overall health and well-being. Jordan Oral Care’s Kids’ Range is meticulously crafted to make dental care enjoyable and effective for children aged 0-9.

    JORDAN ORAL CARE 50% discount is available in selected stores Dunnes Stores nationwide including:

    Facebook: Jordan Oral Care Ireland

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