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    I was made redundant this year, now looking for a new job but its so very disheartening.

    I’ve signed up to numerous job alerts, sent off many cvs, normally don’t even get a reply never mind an interview. Feel over qualified for most jobs that i apply for but i do so anyway. Been to an expert to look at my cv & seemingly its good and had mock interviews to practice skills.

    I don’t want a Christmas job, i want a real job, i dont think thats too much to ask for!!

    Then when i did get an interview, they said they were really impressed by my cv that they were looking for someone like me, they wanted so much from me for the minimum wage of €8.65 per hour!!! Sure it doesn’t even cover my childcare.

    Its really soul destroying, getting me down.

    Don’t know what to do next, think ill give up till after Christmas as just so upsetting when i’ve worked so hard all my life on a decent salary to back at this point again, like i may as well have no qualifications or experience, i would still get paid the same.


    Sorry to hear you are having a tough time in your job search, i have a few friends in the same position as you & they find it the same as you that it is so frustrating that they don’t even get an acknowledgment of receipt of the application.

    I don’t really have any advice for you but I just wanted to say I think you are right to take a break off searching in the run up to xmas & start in the new year again & maybe your dream job is just around the corner,

    Good luck with it all & im sure you will get something soon as it sounds like you have a lot of skills 😀


    I feel your pain…..DH has been unemployed for the past few years….
    We could paper the walls of the house with the amount of CV’s and applications that we’ve done. He is on every job site / alert going, and when he retrains by doing other courses / getting further qualifications…. its "oh, I see you’ve been out of work for… X amount of time…." Uh Huh?? I mean, Come ON!!! Out of work, yes, because he can’t get a job because he is "over-qualified"… Then when he applies for something that he has just "qualified" in, they won’t take him because he has no experience. Its a joke.
    He would give his back teeth for a job, but he just needs a break…
    So, in the meantime, we do what we can…. day by day…. and try to keep the spirits up…. but it is hard.


    oh I feel your pain – dh has been the exact same as chewieoide’s hubby – he actually applied for a position in one organisation and was told he was over qualified so he applied for a higher position and was told he was under-qualified. It really isn’t easy

    I agree take a break over the Christmas and fingers crossed 2014 will be your year MaryE xo


    Its an employers market unfortunately and is very hard for people who are trying to get jobs.

    A few years ago when I was made redundant I started looking around for other jobs and was basically told I would never get that same salary again. I was quite well paid before I was made redundant and the next best job I was up for had a salary 15K lower!! To lose 15K just like that was a bit of a shock! It actually would not have been worth my while taking it as it would not have covered childcare and travel expenses etc.

    Its very hard to be a mammy and work outside the home in this country. between childcare and travel expenses its often not even covering the costs!! There is a big problem here and even though Fianna Fail tried to help a few years ago with the early childcare supplement, since that has all been taken away now, we are back to square one. 🙁

    I feel very lucky to be working from home now and when we need to go out to meetings & events, we are lucky that we can get family to chip in and help when we need our toddler looked after. (Unfortunately, my sister is currently out of work so she helps us out.)

    I feel your pain, its very hard and can get you down. Maybe do take a few weeks off and enjoy your Christmas and then get back at it in January.

    I feel so annoyed at the government when they say some people are not bothered about finding a job, I think its grossly unfair because personally, I don’t know ANYONE who WANTS to be out of work. I know so many people who are trying their best to find jobs in this very difficult economy.

    Chin up and try to enjoy your Christmas 🙂

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