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    I’m just curious to how many of you still wear jeans after your body having changed giving birth?Mommy tummy!
    If so do you get them tight or a bit loose fitting?
    I just feel akward in them around the belly area. :oops:


    Im still wearing jean but my belly is soooo loose and its lost all its tone, going to start sit-ups soon…. god the long finger.
    Feel terrilbe at how I look, I weighted myself the day I got home from hospital and Im 1 stone heavier now!!!!!!
    Need to get my ass in gear big time


    back to the same size 10/12 but completely different shape – and I have a muffin top 😥 – i think its called ‘skinny-fat’ when this happens !!


    Cannot really wear any of my old trousers let alone jeans at the moment. 11 weeks since birth. I have lost the weight but also my tummy muscles. I did buy a trousers in M&S and found the fit to be much better than anywhere else. Going to get the slendertone out any day now!!!! I even bought the batteries two weeks ago!

    I’m afraid the only way you will get your tone back is to work on it. Failing that – I would stay away from anything that gives the muffin effect. A good pair of lycra tights or magic knickers will sort you under everything else – Dunnes have some fairly cheap ones.


    Sad to agree that only way to improve the muffin tum is exercise…God I hate to admit that!!!! Am starting in gym in June…said that before!!! No matter what size or style jeans I wear the muffin still occurs as there is no tone and the skin is looser…now thats a lovely image!!! 😳 😳



    I put on 4 stone on my last pregnancy. She is one year old now. Ive lost nearly 2 stone. Its just from exercise and walking. Diets dont work and ive learnt the hard way. Even went as far as eating nothing and just drinking liquids! Loosing about 2 pound per week is excellent way of keeping the weight off and the walking is toning up every muscle in your body.
    I could be the same weight on the scales but my jeans would be baggy on me. Muscle mass and body weight are two completely different things. So no matter you are on the scales you could still be loosing inches. Took me a while to cop onto that myself as ive no patients and if im on a diet or walking i want the weight off immediately!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 For mummy tummys i got a waist reducer top in tkmaxx. I bought a few and they just smooth out your tum so you dont get the hanging over look the baby bellys give you.They are tight fitting and long so you can wear them over the waist of your jeans under a vest top etc etc or like me today at the sports day i had to wear it under my vest top and tracky bottoms!! 😳 😆 😆

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