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    Hey ladies…

    I’ve just returned home from an evening out at The Thatch, where Jasmines Gifts were doing a promotion on their new bath / body products. :lol:

    Now I am a 100%, light the candle, and luxuriate in a hot bath with oils / bath bombs / bubble bath kind of gal….
    And I am so delighted with myself… the products smell so so delicious that it makes you want to eat them….
    And the best part of all…. they are so reasonably priced.

    I am so glad I went…. and I will most definately be an ongoing customer…
    Just climbed out of the bath now…. and I’m a very happy camper!


    I’ve used some of Jasmine’s bath products too and they are yummy. I had a strawberry one which was gorgeous.

    My husband used some of the mens products which are very nice and manly smelling too – not at all flowery, which is good to know when buying stuff like this for blokes!!


    Absolutely…. I want my man to smell like a man! 😆

    I just can’t get over how cheap the products were…. and as mentioned before, the fact that they just smell SO good! 😉
    Yip, I’ll definatley be stocking my cabinets! 😆

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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