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    Just thought I would start a new thread for mums due in January and February as the other ladies seem to be getting lost and swallowed up in my original thread about my news!!

    Be great to chat with those due around the same time and to get advice from all the pros on here.

    I post also on eumom and magic mum but as the site is local it much better in terms of maybe meeting up , talking about hospitals and local shops etc etc.!!


    Great idea HMM

    I’m due 27th Feb


    You are just a few weeks after me Maria, I am due on 3rd Feb..we could all end up being in together if some go early and some go late!!!

    Are you doing combined care? I was at the beginning but for the moment ended up seing Dr Ackpan and Dr Jerling after an original scare, haven’t actually been to Docs since 1st time…

    Are you starting to buy stuff yet or are you waitng till after Xmas?


    het there HMM,
    i’m due 17th jan, haven’t a clue what to be doing! people have been so generous, so i have had no need to buy anything yet!! will start to pick up a few bits for my own hospital bag soon tho, other than that, i feel if i buy anything too early, it’l make it feel too long!!!
    i feel so naive, my biggest fear (after the actual birth) is not having a boys name, and im convinced there is a lil man in there!!!
    im from drogheda myself, so wud luv luv luv to meet up at some stage and talk about babies for hours 🙂
    lookin forward to following the thread.xx


    Hi Drogheda Mammy welcome to the thread!!!!

    Thats great folk have been so generous to you, have to say I will take anything and everything going lol…

    I love shopping for baby stuff though and its fun looking what to buy..thats why I found out the sex..!!!

    Would love to meet up , am always free mornings so let me know what suits and we meet for coffee in Laurence Gate s.c or somewhere..

    I couldn’t decide on any boys names so thanks to heaven my bump is a pink one 😉 😉


    We had a boys name picked too and our families are now saying they are relieved we had a girl because they really did not like the name we had for a boy (cheeky buggars!!)

    Droghedamam – there are get togethers on often that you can come along to, we have a Mumstown one on the 1st Tuesday of each month in Bagel Bar, Laurence town centre from 10am-12. We get free parking, free nibbles and lots of samples of baby products. Its a great way to chat with other mums & mums-to-be.

    Hope to see you and your bump at one soon, the next one is on Tue 4th October. I’ll be there with our new baby girl. 😀


    i had a boys name for both pregnancy but only an idea for a girl and had two girls! Girl beside me when i was having dd1 – had a girls name and had a boy!


    Sabbi what was the boys name?

    If anymore mt ladies join the list, you girls will have to draw lots for a slot in the delivery suite 😆 😆 😆


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆



    I supposed to be going to the MLU but having another scan at 22 weeks cos placenta was a bit low so if it hasnt improved I ll be going the consultant route.

    I have all of ds2’s stuff up in the attic and really want to take them down to wash, iron and sort them out. Just want to look at the little size of them etc but its too early and dh would kill me plus need to sort out somewhere to put them. We have loads of neutral stuff so that ll do til baby arrives and we know whether its pink or blue.

    Just need to buy nappies etc no big purchases this time as still have cot, relax chair and pram. I will pick upbits and pieces along the way as its easier than running to the shops when I m the size of a small country.

    I went 18 days early on ds2 so we could end up in at the same time 😀


    I can meet up most mornings as ds2 is at playschool now.

    On my two boys we only had boys names picked even though ds2 didnt end up with either name we had picked but never had a girls name. This time I have been thinking of girls names mainly because dh and I cant agree on boys names. He keeps saying we cant pick another name beginning with D as our two boys names begin with D and it would be too confusing.


    Put 5 bin bags full of girls clothes in to the Vincent De paul Bin at the weekend, saved one or two but we just don’t have the room to store things for years and the attic was bursting at the seams..

    Had a great clear out actually, and binned heaps and heaps of trash from attic, utility room and the monster of all vortexes my daughters bedroom.

    Found in the attic a stage 2 car seat in great condition, a gro sleeping bag, an angel care monitor and a baby carrying sling so a few great finds amongst the junk!!!!!

    I am sure the placenta will move Maria and you will get to go to the MLU..you must be pretty perfect if they let you in there to begin with ..I was told i was too fat lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We must all arrange a meet up!


    Hi Everyone,dis is my 1st entry!!Im due Feb 16th & the wks r just flying!!Can feel littlemovements now so really excited as didnt expect dem dis early 😀 😀


    Hiya Shivs welcome to Mumstown and Welcome to the Jan/ Feb thread…

    Are you local too!!

    How is everything going for you?

    Did u have the big scan yet?


    Hi Happymumblemum,all is gr8 now we had a rocky start but Thankfully all is well:) Yes im local,few mins outside town so nice & close to d hosp when the time comes!!!!Ive had several scans,dey give huge relief..we lost a little baby earlier dis year so very anxious stil & each week is another amazing milestone for us 🙂 How about u?


    Congrats shiv, is there a baby boom going on in Drogheda??? Was there a power cut a while back or a football match lol

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