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    anyone see this, oh my god, i’msoooo on a diet i really am, they did an aotposy (sp) on a 23 stone man….also really showed people how much salt, sugar and fat eating one girl had to sit in a bath they poured the fat onto her to show her excatly what she was consuming, she was disgusted, but a real eye opener….

    the same with hugh’s chicken run and also jamie’s fowl dinner about chickens etc…..mad……


    i have never watched his progs but i think he is doing a fab job…..really changing people’s eating habits all for the good not like that awful Ramsey fella, cant stand him……..


    Oh its sick, dont know how people eat ready made meals or junkfood everyday, the odd day its nice but you have to eat propper dinners etc..


    seen it a couple of weeks ago, nearly got sick it was disgusting!!! the 23 stone mans heart and lungs good god!!! defo makes you think b4 u put food in your mouth!!!


    yeah girls i saw it too, it made me be really carefull for a few days… 😆

    These people actually ate very badly i mean who doesnt eat any fruit or veg and think that they gonna be o.k 🙄

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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