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    Itchy skin during pregnancy

    Itchy skin during pregnancy can be quite common due to skin being stretched around your growing tummy and breasts. It is important to keep your body hydrated inside and out by drinking plenty of water. Using cream or oil on a daily basis will ease discomfort and might help your skin’s elasticity thus preventing stretch marks.
    There are medical conditions that could cause itchy skin and one of them is Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).

    The cause of PUPPP is unknown. It is important to stress that even though PUPPP is extremely annoying, it does not pose a threat to the mother or unborn baby.

    PUPPP frequently begins on the abdomen and may spread to the legs, feet, arms, chest, and neck. The rash looks like bumpy, itchy papules that turn to red, scalded skin with welts over time. They begin as though they are stretch marks, then as time passes, the rash begins to become bumpy and red and starts to spread. Oddly there is never a rash on the belly button, only around it on the abdomen.

    In mild cases a doctor will advise on ointments and creams that can be used to ease itch and discomfort. If the condition is more severe, you might have to use steroid creams/ointments or get a prescription for oral steroids and/or antihistamine.

    Natural remedies and alternative therapies*
    Some of the PUPPP sufferers found oatmeal baths, aloe vera gel, Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap and A&D ointment helpful with itch relieve.t is always good to give alternative therapies a go when suffering from any pregnancy related discomfort.

    Reflexology and acupuncture are well known for helping the body cope with the hormonal changes of pregnancy and keep all the systems of the body working in harmony. A lot of rashes in general are linked to the liver and it’s function and it might be one of the areas your therapist would concentrate onduring treatment.

    *Always ask your healthcare provider for advice

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