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    I was interested when I say Tracey’s post about these wraps. i had a body wrap done years ago and it worked great so I thought I’d give this a try.

    I put it on at 9am this morning. I washed & dried my belly area (my nightmare fatty area!) and put the wrap on. I smoothed it down across my belly and pulled on some kickers over it, to keep it in place.

    The wrap was cold going on and smelt like eucalyptus but it was not a bad smell, just kind of like olbas oil. I smoothed it over my belly and flattened the cloth out so cover as much of me as it would. In fairness, it is covering most of my belly so there is a good amount of material in it.

    I am sitting here now and can feel it tingling on my skin. It is not at all difficult to put on and it is staying in place very well. It does not hurt or irritate – its just a bit tingly and cold.

    I have a few more minutes of wearing it and then it has to come off and I need to drink loads of water and eat well for the next few days to get the best results.

    I’ll keep you posted on how its going because I know alot of you are interested in it too – there was lots of chatter about it at last week’s Mumstown coffee morning in Drogheda.

    This is the FB page if anyone wants to have a look:


    Brilliant Siobhan, can’t wait to hear how you get on, remember its working for 72 hours after you take off so just keep water intake up and no caffeine, alcholol, fizzy drinks etc.

    I did my 4th wrap Monday night & i’m so delighted with my results so far 🙂


    what i’m worried about is i have very very sensitive skin and would be afraid of re-acting to what evers in the wrap – are they suitable for sensitive skin?


    Hi munchin,

    The ingredients are all botanical & natural, you can view all products from my weblink

    Just click into ‘Shop’ and you can view all products & click on product details to see the ingredients. 🙂


    Took it off and my skin was still a bit tingly for a while afterwards. Not in an irritable way but kind of a tickly feeling of something happening. Rubbed in the lotion from the wrap and it was easy to clean around the area after it came off. Have been drinking lots of water and going to have some green tea now too. Might as well give it the best chance of working!

    Did not see an immediate noticeable difference but it is a 72 hour thing so will keep you all posted.

    It felt nice on, was cool, stayed on well and the ingredients did not irritate me in any way so will see how I get on.

    Might be a good thing to do a few days before a special event to help tone up a certain area – will see how the area looks on Friday and will let ye know!


    Still on the green tea today…the area is not irritated from having the lotion rubbed in and my belly might be looking atiny bit smaller.

    Its a large area so its hard to gage!! 😉


    Don’t forget to take pics again Sabbi & tomorrow morning aswell, its very hard to notice yourself, but compare the pics you took before.
    I didnt notice a difference straight away myself but when i looked at my pics together there was a big difference! x


    Have to say, my belly was a little tighter 3 days after the wrap. I was very good at drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine and having green tea and healthy food for the 3 days after I did it.

    I think it is a good idea to do it before a special event – like a party or wedding as it does help the area look smaller and smoother. I would do it again 🙂


    Thats great Sabbi, a treatment of 4 come in a pack and a lot of people do notice a difference after 1 wrap but we do say a single wrap is just a taster of what they can do.

    I just had another customer who did one last night & she’s lost 3" already from just one day, still 2 days to go. 😀

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