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    Was listening to a guy on Ray D’Arcy this morning who is supposed to be best man at his best mates wedding in Rome on Thursday but yesterday, he realised his passport had expired and he cannot fly out!

    He missed his flight and is now dealing with the passport office trying to get it sorted asap. I remember this happened to us last year with our daughter, I was travelling to Jersey to my sister and my daughters passport was out of date – we discovered it the day before and I spent the whole day in the passport office. When I got there they were not the least bit nice and said they could not guarantee me it would be done same day.

    I stayed there all day and thankfully got it done by 4.30pm – but this poor guy on the radio has not been so lucky , they could not (or would not) do it same day for him, they said quickest they can do it now is with a 3 day turnaround. It awful for him and for the couple getting married and in fairness, it is a mistake anyone can make!!

    Hope he gets sorted – in the meantime, everyone check your passport. Don’t let it happen to you!!


    I think its terrible that this happens! However people do need to check.. but if you don’t use it regularly it can slip by!

    It happened my Dad about 8 years ago and he got his passport the same day…just lucky!

    My boss was going to England once and at the check in he noticed it was out of date and they were refusing to let him fly, he argued with them that even though it was out of date it was still him in he picture, valid reason I think.. they did let him on the flight! But that was a couple of years ago…

    I didn’t hear the rest of the show, did he get his passport?


    he got it – and made the flight the following day. the poor guy was distraught – you would think in that situation, they could have done it same day but they didn’t, it took from 9am Monday morning when he first went to the passport office, until 3pm on the tuesday to get it.

    but fair play, they said it would take 3 days, so that was not too bad!!


    They are not being very nice in the passport office….if you are sending it in by ordinary post it will cost you €15 extra to get it done…. even if you know someone in the passport office they are charging staff to do non An post ones….don’t know how they are getting away with that as you are paying for the passport anyway???


    When photocopying ID for money laundering act purposes, I was amazed by the amount of times that someone’s passport or driving license had expired. In many cases I knew that they planned to travel so rang them quickly. In others, they drove away not realising that their driving licences were weeks or months out of date.

    For those with smart phones, no harm in setting a reminder for a few months before these things expire!

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