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    As the nights are getting brighter, its getting harder to get our children to come in from playing to get ready for bed. Our 9 year old is the worst, he understandably wants to be out playing while its still bright but we have to get him in to bed for school.

    Often he pretends not to hear the first few times we call him in and this drives us nuts. He knows it drives us nuts but he will do anything to stay out for an extra few minutes. Tonight my husband was calling him in and he was pretending not to hear and it took a few minutes to get him in.

    My husband, trying to reason with him, asked him why he did not come the first few times when called and his answer was ‘I thought it was a voice in my head, so I did not come in’

    All we could do was laugh, you have to give full marks for an answer like that…. :lol: :lol:


    Hahahahaha….. love it!!!


    That was funny. How could you not laugh.

    Im terrible always laughing at the things they say when i should be giving out to them but sure its good to laugh. 😆


    He’s going into politics so! 😆 😆


    I had one of those funny answer situations recently.

    Its a long story so wont bore you but anyway on the way home from a day out with friends, i was having a chat to my ds about him being a little bold when we were out & that i was a bit shocked as we had had a chat on the way about how good he was going to be for the day & he turned around and said

    "I know mam but we were there for a long time & my brain just got tired & forgot to tell me to be good" 😆 😆 😆

    Sure what can you say to that?


    Here is a classic…

    We were in Cork this week with our children and went to Fota Wildlife Park. There were two guys wearing robes, like monks robes. My 7 year old was quite fascinated by this and kept asking me questions about why they were dressed that way. They seemed like nice guys and they were looking after a bunch of kids so I said she could go and politely ask about the robes….

    Off she went up to one of the guys and said to him ‘why are you dressed like God’!!!

    Fair play to him, he laughed and explained to her he is dedicating his life to charity and is dressed this way for his way of a simply life but we could not help but laugh at her for her funny question!


    class both maryE and Sabbi – we should really write down some of this things the kids say 😆 😆


    Yep – write it down and remind them about it when they are 21 and embarrass them!! LOL!!


    Arent they just class, my 3 year old ds is so funny, when he is bold he says "oh thats not me being bold mammy, thats Mr Handyhand or Mr Handyhands brother as he holds up his other hand….. how can you not laugh? 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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