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    I’m not all that interested in celebs to be honest but the story about Cheryl Fernandez Versini caught my interest this week because its just so horrible

    She was at an awards do and was in the ladies bathroom when someone took a photo of her, without her knowledge, while she was washing her hands. There seemed to be something white on the surface beside the sink – most probably soap – but the fashion journalist who took the photo suggested it was cocaine.

    Cheryl was still at the event when the photo was released on social media but soon after it was taken down and there is a legal injunction against it being re-printed.

    I just think its really despicable that someone took a photo of her while she was in the ladies washing her hands.

    Celebs have to accept a certain amount of invasion of privacy but this is completely unacceptable. Its basically harassment.

    I think this journo should be seriously reprimanded for her behaviour.



    its terrible but thats just the way the world is now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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