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    What do you think about ‘The Gathering Ireland 2013’?

    My sister lives abroad and we would love her to come home more but she is living in a recession too, so its not so easy for her to get over here as much as we and she would like.

    When I heard about ‘The Gathering’, I thought it was a bit weird. Something about the way it is being marketed just does not sit well with me, I can’t even explain why but it all seems a bit forced.

    Gabriel Byrne spoke out against it and he is usually a great ambassador for Ireland.

    Maybe I am being cynical – what do ye all think about it?


    What a load of shite… why would you want to come to Ireland, Rip off Ireland at its best!
    The Gathering….. would it not be better to create jobs and keep the young families in Ireland.


    I agree that the whole "gathering" thing is a bit forced,but if it works & gets other people to come here for their holidays & spend money,sure what harm….but as you say its shite 😆


    I think its a load of rubbish!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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