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    hi girls,
    my little girls has just been offered a place in big school!! :shock: she will be just gone 4 in July… her older sister (17 mths in the difference) started last year, so she has been exposed to the whole school thing. She loves participating in homework etc and she is trying to sound out words etc… she has been going to playschool too. I really didn’t think she would be offered a place due to her age but put name down anyway when first daughter’s name went down.
    I would love to know your opinions on this and only really have till weekend to decide. :shock: thanks everyone…


    My eldest son (now 9) started school the month after he turned 4. He was well ready for school. He is now in 4th class and getting on great. On the other hand my DS2 started school the month after (both August babies) he turned 5. There is no way he would have been ready for school when he was 4. He is getting on great now.

    I think though if I had to do it all over again I would have left DS1 in playschool for the extra year as he will only be gone 12 going into secondary school and will be very young leaving school.


    At the end of the day it’s a personal choice
    my friend’s little one was 4 last july and she started her in school in September and she’s doing well but like Ed says while she’ll be able for it academically – it’s the social end of things when they’re in secondary that i’d be worried about.
    My nephew on the other hand is 4 this july and there is no way he’d be ready – my sister is planning on keeping him till next year.
    Good luck with whatever you decide


    my ds started school the year he turned 4 in may and i knew he was ready, the playschool he was at knew he was ready!!! he is getting on great in school work wise, no problems at all. At the end of the day you know your own child and their ability to be ready for school.


    it is a hard one to call….i think depends on the child and how they pick up things, but also then there’s the other end of the scale the leaving school bit and age versus the real world…..

    some kids are ready for school as they are thirsty to know things and are fine, socially and mentally…..i also know kids that are age ok for school and are so not ready…..takes time for them to adjust and some sturggle….
    i know a girl who’s child will be starting school in sept as the child will be old enough for school, but i personally don’t think that child is ready, started playschool this year, but still does not listen does not recgonise various things like numbers letters etc, doesn’t take orders well, and all that child wants to do is play…..then again i could be wrong that child may get on fine in school, but really i think the child hasn’t been encouraged with foundations for school, and may get a huge shock when goes to school….
    At the end of the day you know what’s best for your child and if you feel she’s ready then send her, if not hold her back, and then again if after the first year in junior infants she’sstruggling then you can always get her to repeat…..
    you’ll make the right decision no matter what you decide…best of luck


    Meant to say that if you think she is ready and then it shows that she isnt then she can always repeat JI, the teacher will suggest this to you anyway if they feel it too!!

    i finisehed school at 17 and went to college at 17 too, all depends on the maturity of the person i reckon, i think if my ds struggles in secondary school then i would hope he would do TY, but then again thats years down the line.


    thanks everyone, it’s a real help!! have to give it some serious thought!! 😕


    Yvonnes dd went to school quite young and she is really flying , I think it all depends on the child .

    Not just acedemically but more importantly how they deal with situations, and can they look after themselves a little bit.

    Only you can know this


    Yes my DD was 4 in June and she started in September – we were hesitant making the decision as we were constantly hearing she was too young… but we also felt she would be bored by another year in playschool. Thankfully, she is getting on great and gets on well with others…
    Its a hard decision to make, best of luck with yours!

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