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    was overcharged by a few hundred euro by air%ricity recently , yesterday was overcharged by 4 euro on a pair of trainers yesterday and was overcharged when out for a meal last night… are we being overcharged on purpose do you think?


    i shop in Tesco for bits and bobs not main shop, if i see offers like 3 for 2 etc or 2 for 5 euro i will pick up extra stuff…. i check to see did i get the offer price before i leave and week on week i dont, i get money back and item for FREE in tescos every week


    i find pennys a divil for that ,tag says one thing and when they scan its dearer.. was over charge by e20 once on items i bought


    It has to be their easiest way of making extra money…. so many people hand over their credit cards and never look at the receipt!


    i did have a row in a shop when the cashier put 776 euro on my lazer card instead of 76 euro, i entered my pin and the sale went through but i noticed the mistake before i left the till….. the manager told me she would have to wait until the end of the day before they could refund me!!! 😯 WHY???? Could they not look at the till and thereceipts to clearly see there was a mistake….
    I told them it was 700 euro and i wasnt leaving the shop until my account was credited with the said amount… she was a right snooty cow! i wasnt moving and said i’d ring the garda if i had too…. i think she thought i was trying to scam her!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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