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    No offence to anyone who works for eircom but we have had a bit of a dissagreement with them and was wondering who was the best value in relation to land line calls and broadband.




    i was always with eircom but changed to imagine a few months ago, i have the broadband and unlimited calls to uk and irlenad mobile and landlines which is great for me as i always call uk mobiles.. my bill with eircom was around 200-250 every two months and now my bill is 52 a month which is great!! i find them brill, broadband is fine, iv had no probs… not sure if its available in all areas but def worth looking at!


    Thanks a million scotsmum I will definately look into imagine.


    Oh! Good to see your post… i was thinking of going back to eircom, we are with bt/vodafone and they are terrible to deal with… we keep dropping out broadband, its just not good enough less then 1mg bb and their customer service is SHITE!!!!
    If they had better customer service i wouldnt be so angry with them, did look into imagine but it said not in the area yet


    Oh God… Ive just switched from Eircom to Vodafone Broadband last week… just waiting for the swapover to happen. I really hope we get the same supply if not better than we have with Eircom. There’s no other provider that I know of in Ardee.


    we’re with utv talk – free landline calls to uk & ireland evening time & weekends – which is main time we use the phone and broadband seems to be fine


    i was with eircom for years and i got a bill where i was overcharged by 50 euro – went mad refused to pay 😆 then they threatened court action 🙄 i paid and said as long as i live i would never go back to eircom…. then about 5 years later the only company we can get broadband with is eircom so i had to bite my tongue and go back 😆 😆 😆 i have broadband and its working so i am happy


    oh meant to say i had initially asked about the braodband at their stand in the laurence centre but was told it wasnt in my area but i gave them my number to contact me when it was.. they rang about a week later and said the wiimax still wasnt in my area but there normal broadband was and they offered me the 50 euro a month deal and i should be able to change to wiimax when it comes to my area so even if website says its not in your area might be worth ringing or emailing them!


    Did you hear eircom are bringing out a mobile service now?? Anyone get it yet??

    You can get a pre-paid option of €10 per week, you set up a standing order/ direct debit form your account & you get 200 Minutes +200 texts a week!!! Sounds like a good plan but would like to hear form others who have it before i switch.

    We are thinking of getting rid of our landline & both our mobiles and instead getting a eircom mobile each and seperate broadband.

    Actually can you evn get broadband from eircom without a landline?


    with vodafone .
    Vodafone At Home Talk Anytime + Value Broadband 8 MB for €45 per month

    no probs so far.


    We were with imagine, switched to vodafone (landline, broadband + mobile) earlier in the year. Better value, better deal and so far defo better service. After loads of issues with eircom a few years back, would NEVER go back to them!


    whatever you do – dont upc! My mothersheart is broken dealing with them. She’s had no broadband for weeks now and nobody is returning her calls.

    Same as previous posters, we had eircom then switched to BT but dh is a corporate customer so we get slightly better CS. Think they’re all bad in their own way – once they sign you up thats the end of the service.


    Hi all thanks so much for your replies! Still have to look into the details of some of the plans to decide which is best but your contributions are really appreciated. I know who to avoid now. My parents went to perlico a while back and while it seemed to be fine for the first while they ended up getting huge bills from them so they’re out too.

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    These threads can be really helpful for these decisions 😀

    One to watch with Eircom is them "upgrading" you to 8mb broadband for example. Always ask them what speed your line will sustain (some lines can only sustain 1mb so there is no point in paying to go up from a 3mb plan to an 8mb plan!) they can do a test and tell you! 😉



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