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    God, today on RTE entertainment news everyone seems to be splitting up with their other halves – Grainne Seioge, Charlotte Church, Kylie Minouge & some Hills stars that i dont know.

    Is this a sign of the times?

    Very sad.

    Some good news though, Celine Dion is expecting twins.


    Well kylie just cant seem to keep a man for some reason!

    Charlotte church has been having issues for a while now, if what you read in the mags are true…. Gavin not happy with how she is staving herself to stay slim and using smoking too etc They were in the middle of planning their wedding

    The hills stars i would guess thats Heidi and Spencer… not married that long… she was a very good looking girl, but went and got a tonne of work done, boobs, nose, face and about 5 or 6 more things done but cant remember! For someone so young to get all that work done, he must have issues

    Must be the weather 😆 😆 😆

    Great news about Celine… is her husband still alive? the last i heard he was fighting cancer, i know he is ALOT older then her


    Im not buying any more magazines, Taylor5 can fill me in on all the Celeb News……..You should have your own slot on Expose!! 🙂


    Ill gladly take Grainnes husband off her hands!!!!

    Aw good old speidi……she is atrocious looking now for a 22 yo and seemingly he has gone mental loving stones and gems etc!!!

    Kara Tointon and Joe Swash also split (Dawn & Mickey from enders)


    Yeah, Yummymummy, saw a picture of Grainnes husband in the paper this morning & thought the exact same thing – a fine thing!

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