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    Im 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and while at my check up the other day the doctor in OLOL said my baby was very small so im just waiting for a scan date. Im not too worried about that as I was told the same on my last pregnancy and my DD was a healthy weight.

    However, the midwife just rang me to say that my iron is very low (has always been) and that i might need an iron tranfusion. Im not back to the hospital for another 2 weeks and I was just wondering if anyone knows what an Iron transfusion is and how and when they do it?
    Ive been taking 2 iron tablets a day but for some reason my iron is lowering.

    SuzieQ :D :D


    Can’t remember which one but when you take iron you should not take dairy or tea (can’t remember, just know that I avoid it with morning tea / braeakfast) at the same time as the iron will not be absorbed by your body.

    Hope all be good for you.



    Its Tea, you shouldnt Drink Tea after meals, its stops you body absorbing Iron… so if you want a cuppa wait for at least an hour after meals.

    As for the Iron transfusion, never heard of one, but my mam gets regular Iron injections, maybe thats what they are talking about… mam would get these injections in her bum cheek, she finds them fine but she would bruise very easily but other then that they are fine
    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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