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    Ok, this is proabably going to spark some heated debates or maybe not. But this is someone that has been bugging me for years. My question….Do Irish people have a ‘THING’ about english people or are rude and standoffish with all non Irish people Here’s the story…I lived for many many years in England and in all that time as an Irish person, I never ever once had anyone be rude to me for being Irish or commenting or indicating that I was taking their jobs or overall no one treated me as being any different. Yet, since I returned here almost 8 years ago, I’ve been treated as though I am a foreigner, or god, that awful phrasse, NON NATIONAL, makes people sound like mongrels or something horrible.

    The reason I ask is that I have had several mothers that I have become friendly with, you then turn their backs on you for no reason or worst still the ones who look down their nose at you in the school yard or just never interact with you. I say hello, they must hear a different accent, and that’s it, snub you. Yes, I am one of those people who picked up an accent whilst I was there that long. So, I wonder …do they think that I’m not Irish???
    Too be honest, they way I see Irish mothers ignoring people who are from all over Europe and beyond, I am beginning to think that we are a very rude nation and I’d rather not see myself as Irish.

    I or my husband who is also not Irish, have never found people very welcoming here and he found the first few years tough as he applied for several positions to be told that he would be bored, hewas over qualified and the worst of all…you wouldn’t understand the Irish market!!? This is why we have decided to move from here to North America.

    Don’t mean to offend and I’m not trying to start a row…I’d like genuine opinions please, and I won’t be offended, I don’t think I can be anymore.
    Be honest…I don’t know you and you don’t know me…………


    I’m English never had any problems that I am aware of anyway!
    Been here about 12 years


    Lucky you!! What am I doing wrong? LOL 😕


    I have a lot of English friends & I certainly dont treat them any differently to my other friends,I lived in England for quite a few years & i got a really positive reaction to my irish accent when i was there.

    Sorry to hear that you are leaving the country to get away from us….hope you will be happier in your new home in North America.

    Wishing you & your family all the best with the move.


    I’m English never had any problems that I am aware of anyway!
    Been here about 12 years

    You should hear what we say behind your back 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Ah, no only joking!

    I talk to all the mammies at the school, most are Irish but there is the odd French parent and i think 1 or 2 English.
    I was at my ds2’s first day at playschool a few weeks ago and most of the mammies and daddies sat in the garden eating lovely cakes and drinking coffee, there were 2 mums who stood alone. I was talking to the owner of the playschool and she was stressing that they were out on their own, i went over to chat with 1 of the girls she was sooo nice, she was full of chat and when we were going she said "thank you and i look forward to more chats in September" I felt so sorry for her, i think its just an Irish thing we would chat to anyone or maybe she felt her English wasnt good enough to join in a group.
    I find there are days at the school i would talk and chat to the same group of mums, there are days i would be standing in the yard only yards from some of the mums and only went walking out do you notice them, then there are days these mums would be chatting and only say hello when we are going for the gate. You cant say hello to everyone everyday iykwim.


    Sorry to hear that you have had a hard time with people
    Tbh women I find are bitches I know I can be one lol
    I have found that at school gates, mother and toddler groups there are clicks
    I went to One mother and toddler group and. Started talking to a lady who was sitting by herself I had just started going myself I introduced myself anyway the lady was muslim and had her outfit on sorry I soUnd rather ignorant anyway I was talking to her asked if it was also her first time she said no I’ve been coming 4 weeks you are the first to talk to me how bad was that
    I’ve been to groups where there are polish Latvian russian English French
    Most talk to each other but there are times where some are stand offish
    I dunno if it’s an Irish thing I just think people are getting a little more rude ignorant and self obsorbed and there are a lot of clicks
    Not into that crap
    So I hope you find better welcome in north America I think it’s shameful of people here to have made you feel unwelcome here it’s sad as you never know what type of person that you could meet that could soothe your soul without taking the chance of saying hello


    Oh by the way married to an English man so well used to being at family in uk functions etc where they can’t understand me lol funny I laugh say I’m speaking English too we have a jOke with them


    Really hope you guys meet some nicer people in North America.. I personally have no problem with English people, people are individuals at the end of the day.. If i have a bad experience with an English person that isn’t going to impact on the next English person I meet..

    I’m very proud to be Irish and no one I know personally would act how you’ve described Irish people as being, you can’t tar us all with the same brush.. I do think there are ignorant, rude people but Irishness doesn’t come into play.. There are genuinely nice Irish people out there!! We just seem to be avoiding you! 🙂


    thanks ladies…i think you’ve answered as I thought you would…we as a nation used to be friendlier to those that wreren@t from here. Also agree that women can be quite bitchy, I’d work in female dominated jobs, healthcare and yes all those women very back stabbing and cliky at times. I then went on to a more male dominated film industry and found it a breath of fresh air. Lot less bitchy, much more fun.
    I found that lately I am surrounded by clicky playschool and school moms who are so rude and it gets me down.


    Don’t let them get you down look at it as those who have missed out rise above them


    I think most Irish people will be rooting for England when they take on France – after what the French did to us when we should have qualified for the world cup and they cheated us out of it, we’ll be rooting for Stevie G and the lads to give them a good whopping!

    I will be up for England, after Ireland of course. I hope they do well in the Euros. We are each others closest neighbours, we do loads of trade together and should get on well.

    My sister lives i Jersey and has never had a problem with being Irish and her husbands family love to come over here and there is never a problem, we all get on great – as it should be!

    If you are free on 3rd July, come to our Bagel Bar Mumstown get together and you can chat to loads of mammies there. no clickiness!!


    Sorry you’ve had a bad experience.

    To be honest i find im always the one who is introducing myself to people. I think Irish people are a bit shy & they stick with who they know. Not out of rudesness but becuase they dont feel confident to say hello to people they dont know & there is still this thing about "what will they think of me" if im too forward. I dont think it has much to do with what nationality you are. I have seen plenty of irish mammies standing on their own at birthday parties.

    For ages i was always the one saying hello/ introducing myself , arranging play dates, inviting mammies for walks in the evening, texting them to tell them when something kid friendly was on in the town & it was getting to me that they werent being returned but gradually people started inviting us over & taking the initative. Sadly my ds is leaving the creche this year, so i will have to start all over again in September with all his new school mates parents. It can be hard work to be honest.

    Sometime i do think its easy not to make an effort & then blame others for not being friendly. Not that im saying thats what you are doing but it does take a big effort to make friends.


    Hmm – I think that there are a lot of rude and ignorant Irish but there are lots of friendly people as well. I don’t think it has anything to do with the nationality though.

    People born and raised in small towns and villages know everyone else – they were raised to say hello and speak to everyone else. I married a man from Dublin. He would find it very strange to walk down the road and actually say hello to someone that he walked past on the way. He would have to be introduced or have some contact before he would start talking to someone. He has no problem talking – he was just raised that way.

    I have spent a lot of time in the UK and Ireland. I talk to people in NI and the UK every day as part of my job. I find everyone equally friendly on a business basis. There are of course bigots everyone – very evident when you drive through the streets of Belfast and look at the graffatti but I have come across very nasty women in playgrounds down here too. Nothing directed at me personally, but I have seen a women given abuse to eastern european children – talk about how they were all in taking our jobs and a scourge to the country and then turn around and try to tell me how to screw the state!!

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