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    Was anyone watching last week when the ‘interior designer’ had a dress code for her dinner that everyone had to come in black & white and then she was in a Fuschia pink dress?? That’s attention seeking on a whole new level :roll:

    I like the Irish one, there are some great characters on it. some are pure bonkers, but I guess that’s what makes it funny!

    We seemed to have the 4th episode recorded twice – we had it on series link and when we went to watch episode 5, it was a repeat of night 4. did this happen to anyone else or did I lose my marbles temporarily and accidentally delete the wrong one???


    is that the one where is was black & white with a little hint of pink and she dressed totally in pink to be the centre of attention – the one who sent someone home from her twenty first to change because she ignored the dress code?? sad
    I kinda watch it now & again but haven’t been following it totally sometimes can be funny


    Yep, thats the one. She must have major insecurity issues if she needs everyone else in the same colours so she can stand out in her clothing. Mental but kind of sad too….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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