Ireland’s first ever nationwide breastfeeding art exhibition

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    Imagine a piece of baby equipment that lets you do all of the following:

    l Sit down and relaxseveral times a day

    l Never have to get out of bed at night

    l Lose the pregnancy pounds quickly

    l Spend lots of peaceful time bonding with your baby

    l Maximise your chances of staying free from breast, ovarian and uterine cancer

    Sounds pretty amazing, right?

    What would you say if you heard that not only does such a fantastic piece of equipment exist, but to cap it all, it is completely FREE?

    Breastfeeding is the one thing that enables mothers to do all of the above. Friends of Breastfeeding is an organisation that works to foster a positive breastfeeding culture in Ireland by raising awareness about the breastfeeding support options available to mothers in Ireland and their partners, and by dispelling the myths surrounding breastfeeding.

    As part of this work, Friends of Breastfeeding is proud to hold a nationwide series of very special art exhibitions to mark this year’s National Breastfeeding Week (October 1 – 8). These free, public exhibitions will feature original paintings and photographs portraying both the beauty and normality of breastfeeding.

    Exhibitions will run in Dublin (three venues), Cork (two venues), Waterford, Portlaoise, Letterkenny and Drogheda. These events will be particularly inspiring and encouraging for new and pregnant mothers, and their partners and families.

    Members of Friends of Breastfeeding will be on hand to provide information on the many forms of support available in Ireland to breastfeeding mothers and their partners.

    For full details of all the exhibitions and other events for National Breastfeeding Week or to find out more about Friends of Breastfeeding, visit or call 087 162 4523.

    Letterkenny Shopping Centre, Letterkenny, 1-8th Oct 2010
    Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, 1st Oct 2010
    The Coombe Maternity Hospital, Dublin, 4-5th Oct 2010
    Rotunda Maternity Hospital, Dublin, 6-8th Oct 2010
    ALCI Conference, Citywest Hotel, Dublin, 1-2nd Oct 2010
    Waterford Regional Hospital, Waterford City, 1-8th Oct 2010
    Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork, 1-3rd Oct 2010
    Cork University Maternity Hospital, Cork, 4-8th Oct 2010
    Portlaoise Hospital, Laois, 4-8th Oct 2010


    I will beat the October one in Drogheda.

    Carry on the great work..


    interesting hope you get some great suppoort nice to see….well done


    Love the reasons you gave for bf’ing…. why do people think Bf’ing is hard? I LOVED never having to get out of bed at night, booby milk on tap! Found bottle feeding so hard to adjust to…. hope the exhibition goes well xxxx
    Keep up the good work

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