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    One of the post on here got me thinking, was old Ireland racist or was it just ignorance or plan old stupid! Now dont go off on one, its just memories that were not so pc from the past but we took as normal life

    I remember my mother bring us to school in her VW Beetle, she would even allow us to go in the boot (at the front) thank god she was a good driver… 6 kids, mam, dad and the dogs all in the car for sunday days out.

    Running down the road to wait on my dad coming home from work and driving the car home and a truck from the age my feet could reachthe pedals

    Allowed to tree climb, race down mountains, tree swings, you were pushed on your bike and it was cycle or fall on your face, learn to swim by being chucked into the deep end, again sink or swim….
    Had my first motor bike at 4 (but had been on my bothers and sisters ones at a younger age)

    When the Tea company that we all drank had a stamp collection on the packets that had Minstrels on it and 4 of them tap dancing on the Adverts

    The main large icecream company had an icepop called a Gollywog, only remembered this last week on "stand up for the week" and a coloured guy did a whole stand up show on this icepop… very funny!

    I had a gollywog doll too I think the schools had one too

    When you came home from your holidays EVERYONE said "oh your Black" or making a comment on someone working hard was "he is working like a black"
    We never batted an eyelid at this and i still have to check my mother about the holiday tan comment! Where we living in a bubble or was it just good ould innocent and unpc Ireland


    cant say as a blow in but I would certainly have known of some of those, not all, ways as being considered offensive when I was growing up in UK, and we r same age Taylor!

    I do remember the seatbelt law coming into force annd that being a mare for my dad remembering to put it on. DD and I recently saw a v old saab partked in lawrence centre, not vintage but maybe 25 yo, in lovely condition, really well looked after. She was amazed that there were blankets and cushions and NO SEAT BELTS in back, she walked round car twice checking!

    I remember my dad making me read The Guardian each am before school – he’d just come in off the night shift – and getting v hot under the collar about something I was reading to do with homosexuality and asking him all about it. He was not approving, lets say, but was very adamant that it was part of the modern world, people had rights to their sexuality and we must just accept it. reckon I was about 12/13 at the time, so musta been certainly in the public arena,, if not a commonplave topic of conv in UK then.

    Anyway, didn’t know Ireland was all about selling laptops these days Taylor, "Where in the world? – PC world!" 😀


    #where in the world pc world#… thanks will have that in my head all day 😆 😆 😆

    My dad would have been a bit like that, i remember when my cousin "came out" My dad was disgusted and my aunt and uncle stopped going to mass because of the shame on the family!!! I remember listening outside the door and my dad saying Dont worry about her "she will grow out if it"

    My dad employed a black chap in the 70’s/80’s, this chap was the first black man we had EVER seen, i can still see us all standing around the kitchen table wide eyed in amazement!!!! He was at my dads funeral and we all had a laugh about it…. he did thank my mam for them giving him a job as nobody else would.

    i can even remember my brother holding onto the roof rack and the car driving off down the road!!! Or me and my friend going to the beach in the horsebox, horse included 😯 😯 😯

    Skutting on the back of the trucks in the yard…

    running after the buses with the open door on the back and jumping onto the buses!
    Jesus how were we not killed?


    also what we ate…. oxtails (back in fashion) liver, kidneys, hearts with stuffing yum yum (but wouldnt eat it now) pigs trotters


    JC that food all sounds puke!

    I remember we all had to go on corned beef cold turkey during the Falklands crisis but that no heartache for me, bleeerghh!

    Also recall getting for first time in house: phone, microwave, video recorder, but never could afford a soda stream.

    My dh has a great story of how his mum and dad took themselves, him, his 3yo bro,, his months old baby bro, his maternal grandfather all on the continenent, on ferry, thru France in a TRIUMPH – tiny little motor. They had a roof rack for the luggage so that, yes, u guessed right, the baby could go in his carrycot IN THE BOOT!!! Musta been 31 years ago, 1979/80…


    We got a soda stream… i remember a deep fat fryer and not the chip pan! 😆 😆 😆

    My childhood friend was telling me she remember coming to my house and we had Duvets not blankets, she thought we were so posh 😆 😆 😆

    My Aunt had a knitted thing on her loo roll, it had half a cindy doll (not even a barbie) on the top and the dress part covered the loo roll 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Atari 64! and ET on pirate video, not to mention PASTA 😆 😆 😆


    The old xmas photos and all the clan in matching knitted jumpers, long socks, ribbons in your hair, rags in to curl your hair….. flea powder on the dogs, not fancy drops!
    Not having to pick up dog poo, but never seeing any one the street, dogs never on leads and allowed to roam free


    zx Spectrum

    milk bottles with silver tops, cream rising to top

    thinking pizza delivered to your door a la ET was the HEIGHT of spohistication

    sandwich maker


    The birds pecking the lids off the milk bottles, and the rattle of the milk man going door to door…

    Mc Donalds…. Dad, "what a waste of money, never again" 😆 😆 😆

    Days out were always FREE mountains, parks, rivers, beaches…. all kid and dog friendly

    The rose of Tralee, the late late toy show, Dallas (never allowed to watch this) Bosco 😆 😆 😆 TV stations that only started at 10am (bbc) or 2pm or later in Ireland (rte 1 and 2) The girl and the dog on the bbc testscreen, no tv remote… all leg work in those days 😆 😆 😆
    The Gay Byrne show on RTE Radio One, reminds me of being home sick from school

    Toasted sambos… hjs they will never be as nice as they were 20 years ago 😆 😆 😆

    Bins with lids and NO WHEELS….
    Warm summers… flying ants, bats

    Anyone remember the first time you seen a polroid camera? Or the cameras with the film loaded in and the 8 flash bulbs that clipped onto the top and God forbid you wasted a flash messing!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆



    You can’t say that in Uk at all, still makes me catch my breath when see it here on menus



    You can’t say that in Uk at all, still makes me catch my breath when see it here on menus

    PMSL…. WHY THE HECK NOT????? Am I missing something? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Doesn’t Sambo mean a black person? Never really heard the word before coming here..

    I used to be a carrycot on the back seat baby too!

    I remember driving my Auntie’s car down the road aged 9 !

    Soda Streams – I got one for Xmas ..fecking disgusting drinks..what was the point??? 😆 Just buy a can of rola cola 😆

    Had a computer don’t remember the name but it used to run off a cassette drive !!

    We had a telly with a remote control on a string wire thing 😆

    Beta max video recorders..we had VHS though!! Snob city 😆 😆

    Hubby( Irish) can remember mad things growing Telly over the Easter period was just a "Fecking picture on the screen of a wooden cross" 😆 😆

    When I first came over to Ireland to visit pals about 15 years ago there were no Black People around at all..nada not one, moving here 10 or so years ago there weren’t that many more either.
    I originally lived in Carlingford back in those days and I would get stared at for being different up there now.

    Its strange really the world has gone Pc mad and isno better for it for the most part..I think the whole pc thing is worse in England though.


    Yes Sambo a highly offensive word for black man, as immortalised for the worse in dreadful 70s sitcom "Love Thy Neighbour".

    Was watching "coast", or was it "secret Britain" actually i think it was, the other night and there was a poignant little piece about a boy who had been enslaved in Africa during the era of the slave trade, survived a hellish passage to England only to die shortly after arrival in a tiny little village (dunno how he ended up there) that gets cut off by tide twice a day, somewhere near Morecambe Bay. No parents, no-one to grieve and no-one to care. So the townspeople took his body cos they didnt know what to do with it, to a far flung corner of a farmers field and buried him in I think, an unmarked grave, on his own, on unconsecrated ground.

    I think a 100 yrs or so later somebody realised this and got him a plaque/headstone, and now it’s a kind of pilgrimage spot. It’s simply marked "SAMBO", cos that’s all he was known as, not even a name.

    Very sad.

    But that why I would never ever ever use that term from now on and would have been distinctly uncomfortable about its use even before I watched that.


    God i never knew that!!! Wow, very moving! That would make me think twice about saying sambo again 😯

    HMM there were about 3 black families that i knew of living in Dublin in the 70’s and 80’s but im sure there were more, Phil Lynott was one, the Osma family from Churchtown (all Irish Premierleague players), one of the guys was in my sisters class in school and he used to laugh about walking down Grafton street and people thinking he was Phil 😆 😆 😆
    The guy that worked for my dad was adopted by a white family…
    Then in my teens my friends family (her mam is Irish) and dad came over to study as a doctor


    Ah never heard this before…might be better to stick to sarnie so..

    I love Coast and secret Britain..the Coast they did including Drogheda was very good..

    Do you remember to Golliwog on the Robertson could also collec t tokens to get your very own Golly.

    I used to have a black man face money box looked a bit like a was metal and ate the money off its hand..saw it not so long ago on the Antiques Roadshow..worth a good few shillings too…mine is long lost though.

    An amazing young Black Heart Surgeon helped saved my life when I was a toddler so there was never any racial predjudice in our house..even though my family would have only seen Black Guys on the telly once that happened it was a different story.
    I was watching a medical programme one day about 12 or so years back and was engrossed by this Operation and the man performing it ..strange as I don’t like watching that stuff..but couldn’t tear my eyes of mum came in and said oh my god thats the Surgeon that held your heart in his hands whilst you had your op…wierd eh!!

    3 black families living in wonder I didn’t see any around 😀

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