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    Anyone who likes S*x & The City might like to tune into Ireland AM on TV3 in the morning between 7-10am, as they will be dedicating the whole show to the ladies of SATC.

    There will be lots of ladies in with the crew for a garden party. There will be a bunch of mums from Mumstown getting glammed up and in on the action too; hoping to show women can still be trendy after kids – lets just hope there are no spit up marks on us! LOL

    Think there are going to be competitions too; should be an interesting and fun morning of TV. 8) 8)


    Sounds like it will be good, must remember to tune in!
    Any mums we know going on it??


    I will be in work, but will catch it later online!



    Good luck! You will be gorgeous as always!


    What a morning we had at the TV3 SATC Garden Party….although it was fairly freezing and we were all scantily clad, it was really good fun.

    There were men dressed as women (wearing more make up than the girls), women dressed to the nines and looking fabulous (despite the goosebumps!); yummy Cosmopolitans (with actual real vodka at 9am, crazy!) and nail painting, goody bags, make up & and skin treatments making this a really great morning for all of us who were there.

    Thanks to Aoife from Tranquility Salon for coming along and telling us about how ‘Brazilian waxes’ are more popular at Tranqulity since Carrie & Co. made them fashionable (that was funny!! 😆 )

    Thanks to Lesley from Morgan for dressing me – I felt great, despite my legs being blue from the cold 😀

    And thanks to TV3, it was really fun.

    Looking forward to the S*x In Dublin City event tomorrow night Cineworld with – crossing my fingers to win a pair of designer shoes!!!!


    Ah you’d be feeling the cold if I get my hands on you Sabbi… I’ll have the wax pot at the ready the next time you come to the salon! 😯

    Seriously though if anyone is intrested in the Brazilian or hollywood… or just want to put a smile on your other half’s face (believe me you’d make his day, for the man who has everything!) we provide a very professional service, no need to be uncomfortable just remember we do this type of treatment all day every day.
    What a tribute to S*x & the City,Hope to see some brave souls soon!


    Didnt see it but seen the photos on style fish page on facebook… oh i agree nothing like a good wax, i used to swim and always got waxed so its normal for me! Cant understand how people dont

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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