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    Newest addition to the iconic ARMANI CODE range established in 2004, Giorgio Armani unveils ARMANI CODE PARFUM. With its avant-garde spirit, ARMANI CODE PARFUM dismantles the outdated archetypes of masculinity, enhancing values of expression and authentic connection. ARMANI CODE PARFUM reflects the essence of an evolved, modern masculinity, with its new innovative, statement bottle, its new olfactory composition, and its commitment to sustainability.

    ARMANI CODE PARFUM connects with the contemporary man, a man who chooses to rewrite the code of masculinity, a man who is continually moving forward.

    Strong yet sensitive, ARMANI CODE PARFUM rewrites the olfactory signature of the original ARMANI CODE fragrance. Retaining its woody aromatic, sensual identity, ARMANI CODE PARFUM captures the ARMANI CODE quintessence. This is expressed in the fragrance’s aromatic top notes and powerfully masculine base notes, with the heart now infused with an amplified sensitivity.

    Crafted as a statement bottle with a unique, rounded-square shape, the new ARMANI CODE PARFUM flacon reimagines the design of the original fragrance. This newly conceived bottle is refillable, demonstrating Giorgio Armani’s mindfulness of the planet. In its sleek, striking black form, elevated with sensorial touches and silver accents, the bottle stands as a beautiful object, designed to last.

    In sync with Giorgio Armani’s ongoing commitments to sustainability, ARMANI CODE PARFUM has been created with the planet’s future in mind and renews the codes of luxury consumption. The scent’s bottle is eco-conceived and refillable. To serve the brand’s goal of tackling climate change, Giorgio Armani favors using natural origin, sustainably sourced ingredients, and commits to preserving critical forests.

    ARMANI CODE PARFUM evolves a new, modern chapter within the Giorgio Armani masculine fragrance world. At the heart of the fragrance’s philosophy is the concept of “rewrite the code.”

    Today, a man can be more in tune with his uniqueness and is at ease with being simply who he is. In this contemporary, forward-looking world, masculinity reflects today’s men, rather than archetypes, and becomes multi-faceted, more diverse. Men are free to express a more authentic and evolved masculinity, and to be more emotionally attuned.

    These new codes of masculinity naturally align with what has always been Giorgio Armani’s overarching vision: that of a nuanced, sensitive masculinity.

    “My idea of masculinity is free from patterns and impositions. My work, from clothes to perfumes, couldn’t be further from the stereotypical and speaks to the constant rewriting of codes. This new fragrance is a further step in that direction. Being a man today means giving free expression to elegance and therefore finding the balance and harmony between what you choose to wear and what you have inside you, your way of presenting yourself and existing.” Giorgio Armani

    Today’s forward-thinking man doesn’t dwell on the past – instead, he resolutely inhabits the present, while always keeping an eye on the bigger picture of the future. He is persistent in striving for what he believes in yet has the humility to accept new ideas with an open mind.

    Today awareness of others’ opinions is essential to connect to others, fostering understanding, and ultimately creating a positive, forward momentum of change.

    Giorgio Armani personifies this ethos of always moving forward. Emblematic of the house’s aesthetic is a unique ability to synthetize the mood of the times, while creating designs that look towards the future. In the 1980s, against the decade’s prevailing mood of excess, Giorgio Armani’s fluid, deconstructed take on suiting ushered in a more nuanced vision of masculinity. This fluidity in dressing allowed men a new freedom of movement, rather than being constrained by tailoring.

    Regé-Jean Page is ARMANI CODE’s new face. Taking on roles that offer a nuanced, considered interpretation of what it is to be a man, British actor Regé-Jean Page embodies ARMANI CODE PARFUM’s modern masculinity. “The way we think of masculinity is now that it is no longer such a blunt instrument. It is strong, but strength is not necessarily destructive.”

    Regé-Jean Page’s ethos of masculinity is elegant, balanced, and thoughtful. It revolves around an awareness of others: “It’s only through connection with others that we can learn about not only ourselves, and our own capabilities, but the world we live in, and the infinite possibilities around us.”

    Just as ARMANI CODE PARFUM rewrites the code, and faces the future, so does Regé-Jean Page. The actor was named on Time magazine’s 2021 Time100Next list as one of the emerging figures who are shaping tomorrow.

    “Regé-Jean Page interprets and explores the nuances of a gentle, profound masculinity that is not ostentatious or showy. He authentically and spontaneously represents the cultural richness and vitality of this moment in time.” Giorgio Armani


    With his status cemented as one of cinema’s most in-demand actors, Regé-Jean Page is perpetually moving forwards. He established himself as a household name in 2020, with his breakout role in BRIDGERTON, Netflix and producer Shonda Rhimes’ period drama. Netflix’s most watched Original series at the time, BRIDGERTON garnered 12 Emmy nominations for its first season, while Regé-Jean Page won global praise for his role.

    Among his packed roster of upcoming roles, Regé-Jean Page will next appear in Netflix’s THE GRAY MAN, set to debut July 22, 2022. Regé-Jean Page will star in this spy thriller alongside Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Billy Bob Thornton, Alfre Woodard, and Jessica Henwick. The film is written, directed, and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo. And set for release March 3, 2023, Regé-Jean Page will star in Paramount Pictures’ much-anticipated fantasy epic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES, opposite Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Justice Smith.

    Paramount’s reboot of THE SAINT, meanwhile, will see Regé-Jean Page take on the role of both star and executive producer. Alongside this, he will executive produce and appear in an upcoming heist film, in collaboration with writer and director Noah Hawley. This currently untitled project is for Netflix and AGBO, Joe and Anthony Russo’s production company.

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