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    For new parents, sex is usually the last thing on their minds so what ways would you suggest that they retain the intimacy in their relationship without actually having sex?

    Foot rubs, baths, watching movies???

    any suggestions??



    Well i for one think there is nothing more intimate than a proper hug, not one of those ones where you get a pat on the back but a real tight squeeze that nearly takes your breath away…

    As a heavily pregnant woman i can assure you its been a long time since there has been any intimacy of a sexual nature here… 🙄 🙄 but you cant beat a really good squeeze.. love is not just about sex, sure you can have sex and have no feelings for a person.

    😉 😉


    Yep, you cannot beat a good hug! 😛


    Yep, you cannot beat a good hug! 😛

    I love the Lyons tea "girl talk" advert…. the two big burley guys sitting having tea and one says something like "why does a hug always have to lead to something else" the other says "yeah, can a hug not just be a hug"
    I laugh everytime i see that ad.

    just a nice cuddle on the sofa, there is nothing like being held in a mans arms, big arms just holding you tight, its so warm and safe. Yes you can be intimate without sex, after i had my sections i didnt have sex for a few weeks. There are other ways to pleasure a man with out full on sex 😉 After i had my babies or when i have my period would be the only time i would be intimate without sex, i know some women still have sex when they have their period, i just think its Gross!…… any other time when your intimate it leads to sex, as the Lyons tea advert says "why cant a hug just be a hug?" 😆 😆 😆


    Am laughing, Chickpea…

    Put that man of yours on a ship full of men for a few weeks at a time & you won’t be talking about ‘intimacy without sex’!

    A large bump never seemed to put my fella off – although the ‘activity’ part of ‘sexual activity’ may be a bit one-sided 😆

    Have warned DH to get it now as there will be no more afterwards until I see a certified snip! 😆

    I will NOT be re-registering as Pookie5! 😆

    (As for the adverts – I love the one about the two lads in a field & one is on the phone about his pilates! Is it for tea or bread?)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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