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    [size=150:ib6jif2i]Interior Design Your Own Home! Short Evening Course

    Commencing Thursday May 1st at 8pm in Stephenstown Pond Centre, Knockbridge, Dundalk[/size:ib6jif2i] The Interior Design for Homeowners course from theDesigNetwork, has been created for people who would like to decorate their own homes, getting it right from the start, and so preventing sometimes costly mistakes. It is a short course that will take you throughthe Interior Design sequence from finding Inspiration through to the finishing touches. [size=150:ib6jif2i]You will learn about:

    Finding Inspiration and Mood Boards
    Colour Schemes and how to use Colour to your advantage
    Styles, Space and Pattern
    Floor Plans and Furniture Arranging
    Lighting Types and Lighting Plans
    Surface Treatments
    Window Treatments
    and More…[/size:ib6jif2i] I ask participants to choose a room from their own homes, to keep in mind as we discuss each individual topic, you will see the design for this room evolve as the course progresses. You can then take this knowledge and apply it to any room you plan to decorate with confidence. The course is very easy going, and we don’t get too technical. You can bring along any photos of your rooms or your house plans if you are building. I give as much personal attention as is possible, so I can answer any questions you may have regarding your own rooms. You will receive a pack with your course notes, plus paint charts, and I provide any extra materials you may need. Places are limited, and do need to be reserved in advance. [size=150:ib6jif2i]For more information, or to reserve your place please PM me/ Reply to this forum/ E-mail me at Telephone 087-4181014 or Visit[/size:ib6jif2i]

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