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    **** I have a few spaces remaining for this upcoming course commencing on Tuesday, April 1st ****

    [size=200:3jz4y9pd]Interior Design for Homeowners – Upcoming Evening Class[/size:3jz4y9pd]

    [size=150:3jz4y9pd]Are you re-decorating, moving home, building your own home, or have you an interest in Interior Design?[/size:3jz4y9pd]

    The Interior Design for Homeowners course from theDesigNetwork, has been created for people who would like to decorate their own homes, getting it right from the beginning, and so preventing sometimes costly mistakes. It is a short course that will take you through the Interior Design sequence from finding Inspiration through to the finishing touches.

    [size=150:3jz4y9pd]About the course:[/size:3jz4y9pd]

    On the first week we talk about finding inspiration, creating your own style, and your room boards. On the second week we’ll learn about colour, colour schemes, and the moods that colours can create, during the third week you’ll learn about furniture arranging and floor plans, on the fourth week we cover lighting and floor and wall coverings, and then on the final week we talk about window treatments and adding the finishing touches. Additional topics include de-cluttering, budgets, sourcing products and more.

    I ask participants to choose a room from their own homes, and you will use this room to take measurements, experiment with furniture placings, to choose colours, and you will see the design for the room’s scheme develop as the course progresses.

    The course is very easy going, and we don’t get too technical. You can bring along any photos of your rooms or your house plans if you are building. I give as much personal attention as is possible, so I can answer any questions you may have regarding your own rooms.

    You will receive a pack with your course notes, plus paint charts, and I provide any extra materials you may need.

    The cost of the course is €140, however if there is anyone you would like to bring along, and you book both places together and come on the first night, then you both pay just €130.

    Places are limited, so do need to be reserved in advance.

    [size=150:3jz4y9pd]For more information, or to reserve your place please PM me/ Reply to this forum/ E-mail me at Telephone 087-4181014 or Visit[/size:3jz4y9pd]


    [size=150]Mothers Day Gift Idea[/size]

    ***This Course is now postponed untill April 1st***

    The upcoming Interior Design for Homeowners course, runs for 5 weeks, one evening per week commensing Tuesday, April 1st at 8pm in Barlow House, Narrow West St. Drogheda.


    Come and see me at the Scotch Hall Mothers Day Event on March 1st.

    I will have free SPRING HOME MAKE-OVER packs, with info on De-Cluttering, Room Make-over advice and more!

    See you there (if I can drag you all away from the massage chairs! or maybe thats where you’ll find me!)



    Hi EJ,

    see u in Scotch hall later today. i think we are next to each other 🙂 🙂

    Good luck,

    Moonflower x


    Hi Moonflower, it was nice to have met you on the day! It went very well for you! I got all the free packs I had prepared given out, but I had to leave at 5:30, but you were with a customer so I didnt get to say goodbye!



    same here, lovely to put face 2 name…but i could of just gone onto your website and you have lovely photo up on there 🙂

    your website is great and I love your paintings that u do…

    Was very busy all day in end but no new clients yet 🙁 enjoyed the day though!

    Hopefully we will meet up again sometime soon!

    Moonflower x


    😳 😳 😳


    **** I have a few spaces remaining for this upcoming course commencing on Tuesday, April 1st ****

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