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    It’s that time of the year again!

    EDGEWATER COLLEGE invites you and your family to enjoy an enriching and rewarding experience of becoming a host family. Every year, EDGEWATER COLLEGE welcomes many foreign students to the town of Drogheda. Staying with a family is a very important part of learning English and becoming familiar with Irish culture and way of life. For both our culture and our economy it’s a mutually rewarding experience.

    For the host family it’s a fascinating and rewarding experience and an opportunity to see Ireland and Drogheda through fresh eyes and to get a window into another culture. For your generosity of spirit you’ll be financially rewarded for each student who stays with you (€160 per student per week)

    Who can host a student?

    Our Host Families come in all shapes and sizes, and can include:
    • Working parents
    • Couples without children
    • Singles and single parents
    • Adoptive parents
    • Empty-nesters

    Ideally, all Host Families should be located within close proximity to EDGEWATER COLLEGE in Drogheda – ideally within a maximum 30 minutes walking distance. We can accept host families in the surrounding areas of Drogheda, when the family will provide transport for the student.

    This Summer we expect junior (aged 12-18) and adult (aged 18+) students from various countries including Spain, France, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Mexico, Czech Republic to name but a few. They come for anything from 1-6 weeks at a time, generally throughout July & August.

    First and foremost, the student should feel welcome and be well looked after and treated as a member of the family during his/her stay.

    The family must be friendly and interested in the students they host. The Host Family accommodation should be clean and well-maintained throughout. Host families will be visited and inspected by EDGEWATER COLLEGE to assess their suitability and monitored on a regular basis.

    As a host family, you play a unique role in helping our students discover life in Ireland. We expect you to welcome our students into your home as a member of the family, rather than as a guest or tourist. You are responsible for introducing your student to Irish culture through the normal support of a caring, understanding family. Host families should provide affection, meals, a bed, and more – just as you would for your own family members.

    It is very important that you speak with your student as much as possible and give them the opportunity to speak English, after all it is the main reason they are here. Often our students are given homework/projects where they must speak with their host family. It may be difficult for them to approach you, so please encourage them to speak with you and your family, ask them how their day went, what they did in school etc. Ask them about their home country, their family etc. Students tend to learn more from their host families than their classes and as a host family, you play a vital part in the student’s language development.

    Ensure to involve your student in your family activities and make time for them – eat meals together, go for a walk, watch TV together.

    It doesn’t cost much- just a bit of time, so go on, they’re worth it.

    The following facilities should be available to the student:

    • A comfortable bed with good supply of quality bedclothes and weekly change of bed
    • Adequate space for clothes storage.
    • The host family should take care of the student’s laundry or the student should have reasonable access to washing machine.
    • Table and chair in bedroom for private study or access at all times to another room with facilities conducive to study.
    • Free access to bathroom and bath or shower daily.
    • Adequate heating, lighting and ventilation.

    Three is the maximum number of students which may be accommodated in any household and it is strongly recommended that only one student of any particular mother tongue should be hosted by a family. Not more than two students should be accommodated in the same bedroom.

    Your student will have classes at EDGEWATER COLLEGE Monday – Friday from 09.00-1300, most students will have afternoon activities from 14.00-17.00. You are not asked to provide a special social programme for your student, but you or your family may like to include them when going out. We would recommend that you allow at least 1 day a week (ideally Sunday) to do something with your student. This does not have to cost money, and can involve going for a walk, meeting up with friends etc. You can also take your student on short trips and show them the surrounding areas. Ireland is often completely different to their home country, what we may be used to could be fascinating to them.

    If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact us for more information and an application form. Once you complete and return the application form, our Student Welfare Officer will be in touch with you to arrange a visit to your house. All Host families will be visited and inspected by EDGEWATER COLLEGE to assess their suitability and monitored on a regular basis.

    So what are you waiting for, give yourself and your family the opportunity to see Drogheda and our culture through fresh eyes, pick up the phone and call us on 041-9846500 or More information is also available on our website:

    Thank you, Merci, Gracias!!

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