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    Hi everyone,

    I haven’t been so active on Mumstown recently as I have been away busy studying for my Integrated Angel Therapy qualifications.

    I am now qualified to the Advanced Level which the most powerful of the IEt training,with many thanks to Alison!

    I ask the Angels to come in and help me when i do Reflexology & i use the energy integration technique on the feet. Messages come through from the angels but also they help me with my own healing abilities.It can be very powerful.

    Integrated Energy Therapy is more about getting the Issues out of your Tissues,emotional blockages that may be holding you back whether you realise it or not and beleive me we have all got them!

    All you have to do is lay back,relax & let the Angels work their magic through me their is a hands on therapy but not massage as such,its a bit like getting a wonderful angel hug,you will feel fabulous sensations :)

    I am just so excited about this therapy, was totally amazed at how the angels come in and help.

    As usual if you have any questions on IET or Reflexology please pm me.

    I get a few men coming to me & they prefer just to have a clinical treatment,which is absolutely fine by me and just as beneficial..

    Moonflower xx


    Moonflower I’ll be out to you soon and that sounds great, would really like that done, need all the guidance I can get.
    I really enjoyed reading Alisons posts and her site is great…. count me in

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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