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    Hi Ladies,
    I’m researching an article on infidelity. The papers have been full of celebrity cases this year, but wondered what impact an affair can have on a real relationship. Can a couple come out the other side stronger? Playing devils advocate here, but would anyone say an affair actually helped their relationship in the sense that it made them more aware of what they were risking? Especially interested in idea of women having affairs and whether their husband forgave them – or if it ended the marriage. Or maybe you’re someone who forgave your husband for being unfaithful. If anyone has experienced this, be great if you could PM me with your thoughts. It can all be done anonymously.
    Kind Regards,


    Could you forgive your partner for this? i know my husband wouldnt forgive me…
    I was always of the opinion walk away, but then someone i know had this come to their door… she said she couldnt give up on her marriage, they did work and i still think after years she still cant trust him but she does try
    Do you give up an a marriage after one mistake? My head would say one thing my heart would say another…. cant wait to read the finished story


    I would definately not forgive this – if they get away with it once, what is to discourage them from doing it again?

    My husband would definately not forgive it either.


    I suspect that men are less likely to forgive – their pride wouldn’t let them, especially if others knew about it.

    Gut feeling is that women are, on the whole, more practical. They’d probably weigh up the situation, consider the effects on the kids, on domestic finances, the possibility of meeting someone else… & maybe stay because it was the sensible thing to do.

    Whether others know would probably also be a deciding factor. Maybe it is easier to stay if no one else knows about it

    I hate the idea of it being an "accident" or a "mistake". Burning the toast is a mistake. Getting naked with someone & doing the business doesn’t happen that easily….


    Its a hard one, I’ve heard of a few women who said they’d never forgive their partner/husband if they were unfaithful but then in the situation themselves it was a different story..
    I think its easy to say you would or wouldn’t forgive but you could change your mind if it actually happened to you.
    I do wonder what goes on in these peoples heads…the likes of footballers etc. ( i know they’re not the only ones who are unfaithful) but there seems to be a hell of alot of them thinking they can just do whatever they want, well in recent months anyway. Is it the money they have that sends them a bit mad or what?!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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