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    Hi all I’m new to this this website just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice about breastfeed baby not having a poo for a long time he normally goes once every 5 days but it has been a week now and I’m really worried


    This is actually quite common so don’t worry too much just yet. 🙂

    This has happened to all my babies, my son once went 9 days without going to the loo and I was frantic but our PHN and some mums at a local BF group told me not to worry as this happens to alot of babies. Knowing it happened to so many of them, made me relax a bit.

    How is your baby? Is there any hardness in the abdomen? is he crying alot? If he is not distressed, I would not worry too much just yet.

    You can do a few things to help it along (so to speak)
    Massage – do some downward strokes of massage on the baby’s tummy area. Always go clockwise with your movements as this moves things in the right direction. if you go anti clockwise, you’ll be pushing things the wrong way. Google the ‘I Love You’ massage, this is a good one.

    Leg movements – Lie baby flat on his back and gently push his knees up to his chest. Push in and out gently for a few minutes. This can help his bowel move along

    Warm water – Giving him sips of warm water can help baby go to the loo as well. Some people say add brown sugar but I think just the warm water should do the trick.

    PHN – If you are still worried in a day or two, go along to your local health centre and speak to a public health nurse, they are there to help for things like this.

    Pharmacist – a pharmacist is a good person to talk to as well. Boots have experts in all their pharmacies who can offer advice.

    GP – If it does not settle by day 10, then maybe make an appt with your GP about it. But hopefully, all will be grand by then.

    Please let us know how he gets on – hopefully you’ll have good news soon. 😀


    My fourth child is 7 months and I’ve breastfed them all.

    It is not a bit unusual for breastfed babies to go ages without pooping – simply because their bodies absorb their mother’s milk so well. (my first fella did two weeks!)

    That said, watch the following:
    Is your baby having plenty of wet nappies? If he is, then he is well hydrated & getting enough to drink.

    Long-term keep an eye on his weight – although ignore weight charts as they are usually based on bottle-fed babies (mine were all scrawny – you should see them now)

    Is your baby otherwise as content as normal? No temperature? High pitched crying?

    No poops is NOT constipation – constipation is when he is full of poop and it won’t come out. If he is constipated his tummy would be hard & he will be wildly uncomfortable.

    If you can make contact with a nursing mums group in your area, it will

    Be careful who you listen to when it comes to this topic – I had horrible experience with my first baby when idiot doctors/ PHN sent us to hospital, freaked us our for four days, traumatised me and the babywith tests – and then sent us home for nature to take its course. I’m always amazed at how little some professionals know about the subject….
    No poop can just mean very little waste

    Let us know when there is some action – or if you are still worried


    Great advice pookie – you are a font of information. I had forgotten most of what you said there and I bf all mine so you would think I would remember that! We are in the land of potty training now so our world is all about that at the moment!

    let us know how you are the little man are getting on mum220713


    Hey sorry such a late reply my little man was keeping me busy thanks so much ladies for a great advice he eventually pooped yesterday thank God! All d information you gave me I will definitely use in a future lots of great tips I can try out thanks so much again

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