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    hi girls,

    now werein the winter months i was wondering what indoor play areas do you recommend, my dd is 15 months and full of energy so was thinking this could be a good way to spend an hour or two?? one that has a decent toddler area would be great!!! iv been to the m1 service area and she loved it but fancy a change!!


    Astrotots is nice, i know alot of mums dont like it… but its a fave with my boys


    Astrotots is nice.
    Funtasia BETTYSTOWN ici nice for young kids. At the moment they have a great offer (need to buy it at their bowling desk) 10 euro for all day (toddler area in jungle zone) + all rides as many as you want + bowling (a bit young, but could enjoy pushing the bowl from the slide + kids meal
    (the jungle zone itself is 5 euro normally)

    I went few weeks ago and it was not even busy with this kind of offer. I did find it relaxing, especially the toddler zone where you can sit at the tables and chat with mammies while kids play, but there is a stair so need to keep an eye open but toddler zone has a gate (too easily opened, but you can move your chair and table near it).
    My kids are now older (4 and 6) so I’m very relaxed, they know it well.

    I haven’t been in PJ’s Balbriggan in ages but it’s meant to be fab (and a bit more expensive than astrotots.



    May have to give Funtasia another go….. as it is just down the road… that really is a great offer. Is that Funtasia offer valid over the weekend too?

    I’m a PJ’s fan myself….. my kids love it…. I get to even do a bit of pottery painting whilst the kids play…. or they can do it with me…
    just all in all way above all the rest….

    Astrotots, I like when it is quiet….. when it is weekend and there are parties on, I just about go off my head… way too cramped in my opinion.
    But, I like the set up there…. cos at least you can see the kids playing….


    kangaroo klub has a massive play area only opens at weekends 😀


    PJ’s in Balbriggan is fab, big, clean, spacious and yummy coffees and food for the parents while the kids are being entertained!! Definitely worth a visit! Its located in Balbriggan, just off the M1, beside Wavin Pipes


    Funtasia it’s only valid at week-ends, closed during the week
    fridays from 3pm till close
    WE 12 till close
    and I think it’s valid until the19th dec included.

    It’s truly a great offer even if it’s not the best playcentre. But it depends what days you go if they have lots of parties. It can be great or not so good, but give it a second go, you might enjoy it.

    But because I know most of the staff in the jungle zone, it makes it better for me.


    if your around during the day some of these places have parent & toddler groups on so there will be lots of playmates who will be of a similar age.


    the M1 service area is great for the kids….mine love it…..its free and has a little outdoor area too if its nice out……


    pj’s is great love it there…

    also yeah mummy5 m1 service station is great just grab a coffee and hey presto the kids can play…happy days….


    Yes – My two love there – although we have only been twice….
    Love the coffee though…


    which m1 service area? north or south of drog?


    both i think have play area in and outdoor…


    Both service stations are carbon copies…. hjs well worth a stop off, they have burger king too!!!!

    i have to say passing the North Drogheda one, its very very close to some lovely houses 😯 😯 😯 Was stunned how close its built and if i lived there i wouldnt be too happy


    Don’t get too excited about the play area in the motorway stops it is quite small but its something to do whilst you scoff a BK..very expensive BK though I found.??

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