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    Hi joey, people are asking how your little one is doing and as there’s just so much in different sections i thought maybe here would be a special place for ther updates….

    last you had written was she had to have some tests done regards her bowel… did that go? how is she doing overall….and you also how are you coping….


    thanks for doing this scole…. I was only saying to Scole yesterday that I had to search the forums to find an update on Inara and it would be better if we had section just for her.

    Joey thats good that there is nothing wrong and her food is staying down, fingers crossed she will be back in Drogheda soon, its a long haulup to Dublin everyday


    sorry planned to give an update when i got home last night but fell asleep
    the condition they were checking for where the nerves aren’t attached properly was negative which is great from a surgery point of veiw theres nothing wrong so thats good news
    hopefully she’ll be getting back to drogheda on monday
    she’s keeping her feeds down while she’s up in crumlin which is good news
    If i hear any more i’ll keep you updated


    that’s great news all is looking well for her…..keep us updated here….

    how are you???


    Thats great news Joey, hopefully she will be back in Drogheda soon.


    Hope she will be back soon must be so hard on you. Keep us updated


    just back from visiting inara she looks so alert now big difference to when she was born, shes still losing weight then putting it back on but shes active and alert and she pulled her feeding tube out so is getting bottle fed now
    they are going to try to get her a bed in the lourdes tomorrow hopefully


    Thats great , Joey

    She is a real fighter


    great to hear she’s so alert Joey – hope you’re keeping well yourself


    ah that’s great, she’s taking bottles, she’ll be home in no time……


    thats great news joey!!


    Thats great news Joey x


    Thats really good news Joey hopefully she will be home in no time keeping you busy


    Inara dad here.

    Inara is now stuck in the health care system and In Dublin.
    We keep getting fobbed off on the phones. Nurses that are looking after her directly, will not take our calls now at this stage! Other nurses just want to hand the phone to someone else when they hear its us asking after our child!

    They up there want to transfer her back to Drogheda but Drogheda has been saying that:

    a. they cannot find the room
    b. the ward is closed!
    c. they are taking no more admissions.
    d. there is no likelihood of a place becoming available in the near future

    So as Jo and myself can only get up to Dublin every few days (for an hour at most) – you can imagine our growing frustration and anger at the mo!

    So much for child bonding!!!
    We not happy at all! 👿 👿 👿
    I know we have had a child, I remember seeing it every few days – its just out there, elsewhere!


    that’s crazy i’m sure you can contact someone higher in there, that’s bad, i’d be going mental, and camping at the hospital….oh how annoying……are you restricted to just an hour?

    hope you hear more soon and get to see your baby….

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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