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    Try to send letter to the manager, also, avoid that shop and go elsewhere. And if you name thw shop (either here, don’t know if you can, or by telling friens) word will spread and a more appropriate shop, more customer orientated will get the business.



    Was shopping with my daughter a few weeks ago in town centre and there was a 50 cent CD playing in a shop we went into. My 4 year old turned around and asked me why the man on the radio was saying the ‘F’ word so much!!

    I asked to speak to a manager but was advised none was available and asked when one would be back and was told ‘don’t know’.

    There was no point even having a conversation with the spotty, rude teenager who was there, it was obvious he could not have cared less. I did try but he walked off and started chatting with his equally annoying counterpart – a stroppy girl teenager!!

    It makes me really mad that people in the town are working so hard to make Drogheda better and little gits like this can let the whole town down with their anti-social behaviour. terrible….


    i had the same trouble in dh’s car, i had a cd on and i had to skip from one track to another with f this and f that…. i have told him to download "Radio mixes" in future as the the f’s are removed, it shouldnt be playing in a store…. i would write or if a chain write to head office


    Thats disgraceful of them, I have a teenager and she just mutters when we give out to her.

    In the car we play cds for our 2 year old or lyric fm only!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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