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    they look so cool especially the strippy coloured ones. so much handier than trying to get into shops with a buggy or put up with shops that sactually have signs on the door saying no buggies allowed.
    im gone all past that stage now thank god.


    are there shops in town that don’t allow buggies?

    never saw one outside dublin…I hate that!



    So to summarise.

    Jene : DD 3, DS1 20months, DS2 6months
    LAJ: DS 4 months
    ArtyMum: Ds 3
    Yummy Mummy: Ds 5

    mmmmmmm…….there’s a lot of boys.


    you need to have a girl LAJ to even things up a bit!!! 😆


    yeah there a couple cant remember which ones though, they are small enough so prob that y.
    didnt realise someone asked what i did for a living, im a mortgage advisor i work in balbriggan.
    all my friends and people that i know have boys too!!interesting.


    Not funny Jene……given my hormonal state… a tad nervous.

    There is a coffe shop in Malahide that doesn’t allow buggies…..they are rude as well so I never go there.


    must be something in the water! 😆

    What is gas is that years ago they used to say that girls outnumbered boys 7 to 1 in drogheda 😯 what happened???

    in my neighborhood it was all girls until the last 20 all boys!


    mortgage advisor – you must be busy in recent times – the boom is just madness…..

    laj – do you think you could be??? OOHHHH so exciting! I will live vicariously through you!


    Jene…..don’t get too excited……could be af returning. But I did have a good weekend in Trim 😉


    it has been mad lately but cant complain it keeps my day going and pays the bills.
    id say that figuire is right for when i was born too cos there are no men around my age lol


    LOL – yummy mum! My dh is from donegal – we used to live in phibsoro as young singles and his mates used to ajoke about going to drogheda to look for women! 😆

    laj… would you be upset if you were? they would be the age gap of my boys… 15 months…



    it would be more like 13 or 14 months, right?


    what kinda women lol


    I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! My website just became live!


    well done, good for you. was it hard work?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 25,519 total)
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