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    oh dear – just got a phone call…the mum I sent up to freckles..didn’t realize she was closed mondays! 😳


    Hi YummyMummy,

    I would say ‘poor you’ to be at work, but the weather is seriously crap. I think the babies are picking up on it because I have a great version of cranky baby here.


    lol – me too LAJ….

    yummy mummy what you do?

    I have to say…being home now for 5 years…there are days I’d love to go out to work

    I do work from home but its hard when they are in foul form!


    Its horrible here too, I am in Cavan now, a blow-out from Drogheda lol!

    Still have lots of friends there though so down there quite a bit!

    Have to go and collect DS soon, I feel so lazy today! Have a cold, chest infection etc so feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself!

    Awwww, another few mins and I have to face that nasty day again, *sigh*, poor me!


    not counting down at all lol! just cant wait to pick up my little fella and go home and watch the rain in the comfort and heat of my house.


    Just wondering what age baby does the girl you sent to freckles have and is it her first sling.


    oh no – poor artymum!

    I was meant to drive up north this morning but was secretly happy delivery didn’t come in…its brutal out


    how old is the wee mam yummy mummy

    laj – no she has a happy baby – wee man is 4 months but BIG so think maya will be fine

    hey girls, what ages are your babies? I have everyone confused from the intros 😆


    that should be wee man…. 🙄


    well he not wee anymore he 5… 6 in may how the time flies.
    can anyone fill me on on what theses slings are and what they are for?


    DS is almost four, I can hardly believe it, seems like only the other day when I was sooo pregnant and dying for him to be born! He is getting all grown up too and the things he says, he is so funny!



    that is a great age… he must be great craic

    slings – they basically are used with infants and young toddlers so the babies are up next to mammy but they way they are developed you have both hands free – you can wear them in lots of positions – front, hip, back, ect

    great for breastfeeding in public discreetly or just to have 2 hands free….


    when is ds 4 artymum?

    my dd is 4 in Aug 😀


    here is a link for sling (maya)

    you have probably seen me around town in mine (I get lots of funny looks) 😆


    The slings are a type of baby carier. There are lots of different types but the ones we are talking about go across the shoulder and distribute the weight across the back. It means that the babies can be carried in a more ‘natural’ postition. So for young babies, in a sort of cocoon, they can sit up in it when they are older, they can sit on your hip as well. And even better is that you can breast feed them and no-one can see what your doing. So basically you can do the shopping without worrying how to carry the baby and a basket, or worry about timing between feeds lol.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 25,519 total)
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