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    Just thought I’d start a thread for inane chat if anyone is interested – LOL

    A thread for anything and everything to get to know posters better….

    I am so bored…..

    We just did a tour of the County (termonfeckin, clogherhead, Annagassan, Ardee and back to drogheda via Dunleer) :roll: DH fancied a bit of a sunday drive!

    LesleyAnn – did you get the Maya????


    I am SO bored! Someone talk to me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!


    hi artymum!

    kids in bed
    house is clean (kinda)
    NOTHING on telly……………………typical!


    Well it’s Monday again! DH gone to work, DS gone to montessori, House Clean, so I am sitting on my bum watching pre recorded Friends for the hundreth time and surfing the net!

    Some talk to me PLEASE.



    i am here…..

    weather is horrible today!

    whereabout are you artymum?


    I’m here too! Typing one handed cause baby feeding so i might be a bit slow.

    Got the maya jene. They look simple to make so am going to try my own.


    ooooh nice! What colour did you get?


    I am seriously hormonal this week. Like totaly off the scale. The last time i was like this was almost a year ago!!!!!! I keep going from feeling down to high as a kite and biting the head off dh at a moments notice.


    oh really???

    Are you preg? or could you be??? 😆

    I only get that way when I am pregnant….


    I had a horrible night last night…

    we are trying to get niall to take a bottle of expressed milk… he took it yesterday afternoon but then had none of it last night

    I pumped 4 oz and he wouldn’t take it…and since I’d heated it I had to pour it down the drain!!!! AHHHH..what a waste!

    I am knackered now…. he was up ALL night….


    I got the red one, I think its called carmen in the website.


    oh nice – yeah – its like mine!!!!

    I sent another mum up to freckles this morning – lol – all of drogheda will be using maya wraps 😆


    There’s nothing worse than pouring milk away, the effort it takes to get it out!!!

    Will he take it if your not there. They are clever little things. My mam always says that they can smell your milk so if you are around they will want the real thing!!


    hi girls, what a horrible day, only 2hours 50 mins till work is over ha ha


    hey yummymummy!!! 😀 Lucky you in work…you aren’t counting down or anything are you? 😆

    LAJ – you know…he took it in the afternoon with me right beside him…last night I hid and everything and nothing… 👿

    They are so CUTE when they want to be….. 😕

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25,519 total)
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