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    ..I was in the Charity Shop today -end of Fair Street and they had 2 immaculate beautiful Communion Dresses for 15euro each.

    Went upstairs to the book section and bought a rake of books for 6 euro for dd. They had loads of cheap adult books too, most looked brand new.

    I love charity shops and E bay!!! I woud buy nearly all our clothes used off Ebay. The kids stuff on there is brill , we get top notch coats etc for dd at the price of a Penneys/Dunnes one.

    Reuse , Recycle, beat the credit crunch and save the planet….

    Not really helping shops buying 2nd hand but certainly helps the pocket! :lol:


    well that’s the reason it’s bargin spotting…..


    Love the vintage stuff you get in the aunty mary shops! Well thats what we call them in Dub. There is one in Duleek and everytime my mam comes to stay she comes out with loads of shite! 🙄 😆 But she just loves a good oul root in the aunty mary shop! 😆 😆


    where’s the charity shop in duleek?


    Its just out by the doctors Munchin, there are two small bungalows together, grey stone with railings at the front, its the first one…


    doh the one i’ve given books to on numerous occassions(inc last month) and walk by on the way to the village 😳 😳 it’s not open on saturdays anymore – i used to pop in with E when i was on Maternity leave


    Thats pregnancy brain for you 🙄

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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