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    Thanks Dave for the great advice as always.

    I have 3 In case of emergency persons listed in my phone so if, heaven’s forbid, I am in an accident and someone needs to get hold of my next of kin, when they go to "I" in my phone there is my first ICE, my husband, then my ICE2 my mam and ICE3 my sister. So there will be no problem getting hold of someone appropriate for me.

    So its good to have that in your phone too, just incase. I would recommend everyone does that. Only takes a minute and you never know when it might come in handy. :)

    Financial Companion

    I’ve noticed something with a lot of people I’ve spoken to lately, even when they have good sufficient cover in place in terms of life or illness cover, they have never let a trusted friend or family member know where to find details or who to contact in the case of an emergency. Obviously, nobody wants to think of a situation where a tragedy could leave children without either parent but in some cases, even one of the couple did not know details of cover or where to find them or who to contact!

    A simple exercise for peace of mind: Get the details of your cover, the name of the insurance company, the amount and type of cover and contact details in the event of a claim. Go through your bank direct debits to make sure you haven’t missed anything (trust me!) then list the relevant details of each plan (including whether or not the plan is assigned to a lender) and keep in a file in a safe place letting a trusted friend or family member know of its whereabouts in case of emergency. Test yourselves when you next sit down with your partner and see if you both know all the details (including the premiums) and if you haven’t done so already, let someone know where to find them. Any questions, let me know. Dave.

    Financial Companion

    I agree Sabbi. One problem these days is most people have a screen lock on their phones so it may not always be possible to get to their list of contacts. Maybe something for the phone manufacturer’s to consider? (Apple, you read it here first!!)

    Financial Companion

    On Saturday, a friend asked me to have a quick look at their protection policy and advise them. I went through the schedule and it looked fine for what they were paying each month, good levels and types of cover. When I mentioned the premium, they were puzzled. They checked their bank account (on their phone) and were paying much less. They had obviously changed the plan a few years back but could not remember to what and thought that the original one was still in place.

    A good idea to check your direct debits against what you should have. Any difference, investigate quickly!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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