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    Any other parents of teenagers out there….just finding it so hard at the moment. Its like an alien life has taken over. You try so hard when they are little to give them the knowledge and tools for life. Then, they turn it all against you, using the very same knowledge and tools to run rings round you (verbally in this case). Know they are growing up (nearly 16) and need to assert their independence but if I said half of what I hear, when I was a teenager, well…….what can I say.


    i know how ya feel my nephew is going on 16 next moth i used to be able to to talk to him and and get a couple of words out of him now all i get hmm, ok, ye, whatever, tmi or a grunt what is this language 😆 😆 😆


    I have two teenage sisters – lets just say they have been through a dark phase for the past few years, grunting and grumbling and being messy little gits and not being in the friend’s house they said they would be etc. when my parents go looking for them.

    Generally they have not been too much trouble but there has been some backtalk which did not go down too well with my parents!

    But, the good news is, they come back after a while and now, at aged almost 18 and 19, they are quite sweet and thoughtful again. (Apart from the fact the almost 18 year old has said we cannot go to her 18th birthday party, ‘cos we are, like, too old!!’ Cheeky little mare, if we didn’t depend on her so much for babysitting….. we’d give her a piece of our minds 😆 😆 )


    i am only 24 i went through them dark years from i was 14 till i was 19 it wears off i almost forget my tenage years 😆 i dont think i ever done the grunts but my nephew has serious grunt desorder 😆


    Not looking forward to my dd being a teenager, she acts like one now 😆 and she is only 7


    lol my pair are only 4 & 20months and i dread the teenage years 😆 😆
    no seriously i don’t envy you my nephew is 15 and his mother is dealing with him and a 3month old baby total extremes. don’t get me wrong nephew is a dote but hard work at the minute. As sabbi & nicky says it doesn’t last forever!


    Hi All,
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    Have to agree….I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad kid but definately parents can go the wrong way about communicating with their children and teens in particular. So many kids are wanting to speak with their parents and just don’t know how to approach them….we have to remember to listen as parents to what our children are actually saying, not what we think they are saying.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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