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    Anyone change over to Wiiwax?

    Was onto them today, 3 months free, 40e per months 3mb bb or 45e for up to 7mb bb, free local, national and UK Calls, plus 60 mobile calls per month…… its 150e for the install, but your bill is 45e and the lowest contention free Broadband out there……
    I would like some feed back before i even consider changing



    im with imagine for the last 6 months or so, i have the same deal near enough but its not wimax just the normal broadband coz they said wiimax not in bettystown yet? anyway my bill is 50 per month and its never anything more than 52/53 euro and im always online and calling to uk mobiles… no prob with my internet either, iv saved a fortune since changing so id recommend



    oh thats good to know, i havent heard too much feedback about them…. did they come and test your signal before you agreed to move, dont want to sign up then be told "oh weak signal"


    Def a no from me

    Had a dreadful experience with them
    Last year, they were going around doors selling – had great offer agreed to sign up… Promised i would be up and running in less than a month.
    Promised us EARTH, MOON & STARS… Promised great broadband – speed etc

    what a lie….

    3 months later, endless phone calls. false promises nothing.. Out of the blue myself and a neighbour got a call to saw they needed to gain access and drill a hole to locate a box internally … i cracked at this stage
    No way…

    They said coverage in drogheda was bad


    Thank you Libby dont want to change over and it be shit, dh would flip as he would use it for work in the evenings


    Hey Taylor just asked my dh about it we have the same package you quoted above and it works fine for us. Internet is quick but we don’t use our house phone its always on silent.

    Hope you get sorted



    hey amrie

    i know you have a hangover so i wont ring you..did they come out and put it in and stuff or did they post it out to you….
    you know me and my technical capabilities….zilch..

    our phone bill is usually bout 61 euro per month….but we dont make any call as we just use our mobiles???


    61 that sounds a bit expensive!!! for no calls 😯

    Ours is 115 or 120 per month for Broadband and calls….. need to move somewhere else as cheaper options out there at the moment.. like wiimax 45e


    I’m with PURE

    broadband(27/7) two laptops / line rental / calls – €50 — €55 a month…
    Have been with them for about 5 yrs….
    They is different packages with them – Just google Pure.



    just sorry only getting bk to u now, i was with eircom when i changed so i didnt need any equipement/holes etc.. they sent me out a letter explaining how to change my router settings, was done in 2 seconds and been brill ever since… just got my bill in and over xmas i was calling the uk lots and several calls to india and america and bill was less than 70 euro… but im bettystown so not sure if different service in drogheda..

    i have the laptop, hubby has tablet pc and im always on the iphone using our wireless and it still seems fairly quick, i use it for webcam calls to my mum n dad in mumbai and never have a bother with it 😀

    good luck!


    Scotsmum could you speedtest just love to know what the wiimax speed is

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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