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    Enter the new dimension of games & learning.
    i-Wow is the magic key created by Imaginarium just for you, so you can combine games and technology.

    Your games combined with your tablet to increase your knowledge and bring you lots of fun.

    i-wow Discovery
    Learning is magical! i-wow Discovery is the gateway to a universe of knowledge for today’s girls and boys. The real world merges with the virtual world in a magical, unique, didactic and incredibly fun way, made possible by top quality educational scientific content created by Editorial DK publishers.

    i-wow Play
    Classic games become even more fascinating. With i-wow Play, your favourite virtual games take over the real world to give your fun a new dimension.

    i-wow Pre-School
    i-wow Pre-School is a set of games developed by Imaginarium for children from 1 year. Using their natural fascination for tablets and their agile and intuitive user skills, they can learn through games to think, discover and develop their minds to the full, working on their intellectual and psychomotor skills at the same time.


    Atlas Human Body

    An interactive trip through the human body
    Discover and study what is under your skin with the world’s best human body atlas. You will discover fascinating things on your interactive board using an amazing 3D scale replica of the human body and its internal organs.


    Atlas Universe

    The universe within your reach
    An exciting trip to interstellar space! Discover planets, galaxies and constellations while flying though the Universe on your tablet screen. Use your conductive radar and explore the Solar System on a 3D scale replica.


    Save & Plan

    Draw up your savings plan
    From now on, saving will be fun and smart thanks to this interactive piggybank with a full digital app for your tablet. Draw up your own savings plan and learn basic notions on economics. With perseverance and determination, you will learn to value your effort and reach your goals a step at a time.


    Letters & Numbers

    The convenience of paper without paper!
    Practising their first traces, learning to write letters, numbers and capital letters and improving their writing skills as often as needed. Thanks to the high precision capacitive stylus, children will learn to write and improve their manual skills.


    Home Arcade

    300 different game. Endless hours of fun!
    Connect the i-wow classic style joystick to your tablet to enjoy the magic of vintage arcade games in a fun format!



    Your mind provides the inspiration, your tablet is the canvas.
    Art-Brush 3.0 is a new and unique way of expressing creativity with your hands. With its capacitive brush, you can paint and express yourself using the tablet as a canvas. Create art freely and as often as you like!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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