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    That shooting in America was just shocking! God Bless those little babies and their families… we really have to look at the small things in life and treasure every moment together. When we put them on the school bus every morning and kiss out hubbys goodbye, we just expect they will be home safe and well but its not the case.


    Seriously need some help to get into a festive mood…………….Not feeling it at all this year for no particular reason.

    I feel like its all a chore. I put up the tree on the 1st of December but only to have it done, one job ticked off the list, no great excitement about doing it. The thoughts of going home from a long stressful day at work, then dinner, kids to bed & then starting wrapping gifts & writing cards, really doesnt appeal to me but it has to be done, i suppose. I dont even buy my family presents (apart form my parents) but spending my lunch breaks running around shopping for giftsfor teachers, minders, bus drivers etc and its all very stressfull & not at all fun. We have 5 kids birthday parties between now & christmas. I dont have a minute to myself. Im wrecked already. is this really what its all about?

    Am i the only one who feels this way about christmas??? Give me a holiday in the Sun any day instead.

    Saying that i really need to snap out of this mood for the kids sake, so any suggestions would be welcomed?? What makes you feel christmassie?
    Sorry for the moan.


    I adore adore Xmas, just cant wait to be finished work and to snuggle up with my family, candles burning and eat loads of food.

    I’m so glad to be home safe and sound with my family..last Xmas I was not long out of hospital after our baby daughter died and still loved every minute of Xmas..there was no way our other daughter was going to get memories of sadness from Xmas..its too magical.

    If you have your health and your family in good health please grab every magical moment of Xmas and make some lovely memories.

    My favourite time is Xmas eve when the shops are closed and its family time..lock the door and enjoy .

    Don’t be a grinch x


    Oh, I love Christmas. There is nothing better than putting up the tree, putting on a cd with all the old christmas songs and dancing around with the kids, and sitting in front of the fire and watching the christmas films.

    There is certainly no fun in running around buying pressies for teachers, minders, etc just because you are expected. Our NS does not allow presents to teachers or between the children. I just buy a box of chocolates for the minder. Go into one of the supermarkets and buy a few tins of chocolates or biscuits and that will sort them all.


    You are not the Grinch, you are an overworked mammy!!

    This time of year can be stressful for mammies, if there is alot on and you are under pressure to do alot of things then that can take some of the enjoyment away from it. All the parties and things can add up to not having alot of down time to relax and get in the mood.

    I am pretty wrecked myself at the moment, have had a very busy few weeks at work and we have had tummy bugs, coughs and colds in the house too, which means sleepless nights. Last weekend my sister offered to babysit and my husband and I took the chance and got dressed and went out. I had one drink and was falling asleep in the pub! Was just so wrecked after a very busy few weeks – so we had a bite and went to cinema instead and we were home in pajamas by 11pm. makes us sound very old and boring but sometimes, being warm and snuggly on the couch is nicer than a night out.

    But I am starting to feel Christmassey now as work is winding down and I am able to spend more time at home chilling out and enjoying the excitement in the children – try popping on some Christmas music while writing cards and wrapping presents to get you in the mood and when you have the chance, snuggling up on the couch with the little ones to watch some Christmas movies might help lift your spirits.

    Maybe don’t watch the grinch movie though – leave that one for next year 😆


    And just remember how lucky we all are – budget and economy aside – to be healthy and with our families at this time of year. That is the most important thing of all. I cannot wait to see my children’s faces on Christmas morning, I love their excitement and then my parents & most of my siblings are coming for bucks fizz and more present opening around 11am and then when they head off, my husband cooks the dinner and its the one day of the year I act like a lush, sitting on the couch eating chocolates and drinking prosecco while intermittently inserting batteries into toys!!

    I can’t wait for all that. And I got my hubby some really nice gifts this year – some funny and some thoughtful and I cannot wait to see his face when he opens them. I love giving him gifts, we always try to outdo each other – not on what we spend, but on originality and fun!

    The only thing missing will be my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew as they live abroad and are not coming home so there will be tears on Christmas morning when we speak on the phone.

    Oh now I feel like crying because my sister is not coming home this year for Christmas. So sad about this 😥 ….

    But for the rest of it, very excited!


    I feel exactly the same – I a really struggling to get in the Christmas Mood, i know its a magical time, i a looking forward to finishing up in work for 10 days

    All i see to do this time is cry..
    I know its a sad Christmas but i need a kick in the bum, im so looking forward to my sister coming fro the USA ON CHRISTMAS EVE

    I have must of the presents brought just a few more to do..We are not sending cards..

    I do hopeChristmas Day goes well… 😳 😳


    I get a bit weepy at this time of year too – I often cry at Christmas songs on the radio or when I hear a sad story – like the Thank you’s this week on Ray D’Arcy show, I cried my eyes out at a few of them, they were so emotional.

    Its an emotional time for alot of people. As well as alot of joy and happiness there can be sadness too. I miss people who have passed away, I miss my sister who cannot come home but I am so lucky to have most of my lovely family here around me, so overall, I will be hopeful that we will have a happy and fun Christmas.


    I miss my Dad so much at this time of the year, i would often burst out crying in the car when a christmas song comes on and it brings back a wonderful childhood christmas memory.
    I love Christmas, but im not really in the mood for it, i have everything almost sorted and the kids are buzzing, but i feel there is something missing this year….. i dont know if its guilt that some many families out there are having hard times! The death of the Second Gallagher sister has really hit me hard, im so upset by this tragic death.
    So regardless of what is going on in the world my boys (please God) will have a wonderful christmas full of happiness and cheer, we all need to stop and look at what we have and treasure every moment with them, they really are only on loan to us from God 🙁


    Oh God Taylor, Now you have me crying. Not that it takes much. 🙁


    I think there is so much anger and sadness around at the moment and its hard to just switch off and pop a smile on your face and get into the spirit of Christmas. I know when we go to the graveyard next week, there will be tears all round for grandparents, cousins and friends who are all gone.

    But on a happier note, afterwards, a bunch of us will go for lunch and reminisce and I will be with my 86 year old grandmother, who is witty and full of beans and I am so grateful for her.

    The government making a show of themselves with pizza delivery pranks and laughing their heads off in the Dail is upsetting alot of people today and then we have the news, which is full of sad stories like those poor poor sisters in Donegal. I cannot even get my head around that one – its too sad to be real. Their family and the whole community must be in an awful state and whether or not the second sister was bullied, the fact that the first sister took her 13 year old life because of bullying means that bullying was the start of this series of tragic events.

    Tonight I am pulling the curtains and putting on Home Alone with my children with hot chocolate and marshmallows, I want to have fun and get into the mood with them and forget about everything outside. I just want to focus on their little excited faces as they tell me repeatedly that there are ’11 more sleeps’ 😀 😀


    I personally can’t wait… I don’t know who is more excited… me or the kids…. but thats cos I love Christmas. I know its all about the kids… and we focus on that, and being together….
    It will just be ourselves as family is dotted around all over… but I’m looking forward to just closing the door, lighting the fire, playing games, eating, and more eating… and just treasuring each other.

    Its been a tough, jobless couple of years…. BUT, we are happy, healthy and grateful for what we Do have… 😉


    the kids are very excited about christmas…..i’m excited about family visits and especially my sister and the kids coming home to visit but there’s a sad element this year because in the past month we had relatives pass away
    my gran aunt, my aunty, a cousin and just today my uncle so it’ll be a sad time 🙁
    plus its hard to be happy after hearing about all those little children and teachers that won’t be here for their families this christmas

    but i’m trying to get into the christmas spirit


    When I heard about that in the US I was so sad thinking of those poor families who will be missing their babies this year. Its disgraceful. they seriously need to do something about gun availability in the US.

    I am hoping the Christmas spirit will take hold this week…

    Only 8 more sleeps 😀 😀 😀


    Our 5 year old started school this year – it would be like it happening to her class. What a sick and twisted guy he was, shocking and so unecessary. Its hard to actually take it in.

    I have to say, I am starting to look forward to it all now. Despite all the sadness in the news, I am trying to think about how nice it will be to stay home with our children and snuggle up and not do anything for a few days.

    Hubby & me picked up some of our Christmas shopping today and kind of got us in the mood a bit more. We got 20 bottles of Heineken in Tesco for 14 euro, for when our family calls in on Christmas day. I am looking forward to being with my family – don’t want any frills, just want to be with the people I love and I will be very happy with that (although, my hubby better have something nice under the tree for me, or else!!!)

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