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    super minder

    im in the paper for my clothes swapping nights. and although i have put my size 6 modeling career on hold . i fell like a model in the paper :D :D :D

    if you want to met me in the flash god help you. lol
    my next swaping nite is this friday . imagine by the bank hoilday having a new wardrow xxxx

    132 meadow view open house for ladies 8pm onwards.


    I seen you and you looked great, good luck on Friday. I wont be there as its the bank holiday weekend, maybe next time and good luck

    super minder

    thanks pet enjoy your weekend xxx


    I saw you too, you looked great.

    Fab idea by the way, sadly I have nothing any one would want lol, however my dd would have loads of good stuff..

    Maybe you could do a kids and babies swapping clothes night too??????????

    super minder

    why dont you come anyways on the night. there will be plenty of clothes to go around. and your more than welcome to come and get some new clothes. it just some girly fun xxxx

    i was upset i wasnt on page 3 lol lol


    Angie you’ll be even more famous in a week or two when it runs in the Irish Independent – I’ll keep you posted about that. Those photos sound fab – will be one to watch out for!!


    great idea about the kids clothes swap night too……mmmmm interesting, could swap baby clothes for older clothes…..great idea…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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