if you had one more day to live what would ya do????

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    so girls if you had the chance before ya died and ya could do anything in the world no matter how big or small what would you do?

    i’ve still to decide yet….but thought some may have an idea


    Was just watching Oprah and it was all about ‘one more day to live’ …


    lol, that’s where got the idea….lol….


    all the things i want to do would take years not one day!!!


    This is a sad/scary though but if i really had one day to live i would of course say my goodbye to my mom/dad/siblings. Then go to a beautiful beach where the sand is almost white and the water is almost turquiose with my children and hubby. Spend the day doing things together, having fun non-stop, drinking fruity drinks and laughing. Taking dips in the water and breathing in the freshest air. Soaking the sun in.Then watching the sun set in the arms of my hubby along with my daughter in my arms and my son in her arms..like a little train and just appreciate one anothers prescence. WHOA very thought out i think…ofcourse sneek in a little time alone with the hubs 😆 (if you know what i mean)!


    I wouldnt plan any trips because knowing my luck the car would break down or the plane would be delayed and I would pop my clogs regardless! 🙄 😆

    I think i would def have my fiance, kids, immediate family all around me. Where doesnt matter as long as we where all together. Hopefully going to heaven with a fully belly and a bottle of Moet for the journey! And of course a quicky withthe beau beforehand just to let him know what he will be missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆


    I’d tell all those I care about just how much I love them….and all those that I DON’T like, I’d enjoy telling exactly what I think of them!!!! Ooooh, I’d enjoy that… 😈 😈


    think the first thing i’d do was make sure that there was enough battery on the video camera…..then ask for another day…..but record everything and be with my kids and hubby for that day doing whatever laughing and loving…..

    you know it’s really hard to actually say what you would like to do really…i feel so sad to think about all those kiddies that have lost their mommies and those who will and for all those people who have lost loved ones….i think it’s the fact you know what you are leaving behind rather than the actual how ya die….it’s very upsetting if ya think into it…..

    how about bungee jump…yeah right…..


    hi girlz.. I would get ALL my relations up to my gaff and we would be all talking about the good old days. Having one last look at all those funny photos and hopefully i’d die laughing. But i would also love to come back from the dead once in awhile just to check on my loved ones to see how their getting on in life!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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