If men were pregnant for just 1 day, which would you choose?

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    hjs, that was lovely by the way, its so special giving hubby that news, be nice for that tables to be turned on that one.


    How would men cope if they were pregnant for just one day?? And if you could, which day would you choose for them to be pregnant?

    Would you take a day near the start when mums-to-be are knackered, pee all day and and night and feel sick 24/7 ….. or would you choose near the end when mums-to-be get so big its hard to move around?

    Or would you choose d-day and have them in the labour wards??

    Wouldn’t it be fun for them to do it for just one day…..


    god no i’ve never hear the end of it!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆


    Tough decision here as to which day……

    Had morning sickness… or rather 24/7 sickness with pregnancy…. so one of those days…. mmm….
    Or perhaps near the end, when I’d get marooned in the bath…. trying to negotiate the beach ball that had settled in my tummy….

    Nah… I reckon labour wins hands down….
    Gas and air…. that was it…. it did nothing for pain for me, but it gave me something to concentrate on…. and I gave birth without pain relief…. now THAT would be something I’d like to see him do…. 😆 ….
    And I could be the "supportive" one in the delivery room….
    "You can do it babe…..!" 😆 😆 😆


    The day you tell ur partner, thats a lovely day!


    Here’s one to settle the whole issue – who goes through more pain Men or Women.

    Ask any man what is the worst pain we can suffer: Answer kick in the ghoulies.

    Ask any woman what is the worst pain: Answer Child-birth.

    Now go with me on this…a few years after giving birth, (most women) will invariably turn to their other half and say "maybe we should have a second child".
    I don’t know a single bloke who would say (2 years later) "you know another kick in the ghoulies wouldn’t be such a bad thing!"


    😆 admin, brave man to post that!!! sad but true tho!!!

    i cant cope with dh when he has the man flu never mind pregancy!!!!


    Definately I would choose Delivery day 😆 😆 there isn’t a man alive who could do it !!!!

    I disagree though Childbirth isn’t the worst pain in the world having a Absess under your tooth is 😆 😆 I had one during childbirth and dear god I tell you which was worse


    For me, having gallstones was much worse than childbirth. it was awful, felt like I could not breathe and it was very panicky. thankfully our babies came fairly easily – well, when I say easily there was a lot of work involved (hence it being called labour 😆 ) but they were kind enough to be quick and not hurt me too much on their way!!


    I’d pick labour day….. and no sections its full on pushing a water mellon out a hole the size of a lemon or a plum in my case!!!!! (2 sections 😆 😆 😆 😆 )

    oh did i say NO EPIDURALS EITHER…. yeah im a evil bitch! 😆 😆 😆


    B4 i was pg, my cousin, bitterly told me that giving birth was like getting out of your car through the exhaust – that image has always stuck with me, I think it v apt…!


    I once heard someone describe it as trying to shove a roast beef up a nostril!! Ha ha!!

    Honestly, for me it was not so bad, had the last one and at home and it was lovely and calm and although it did sting a bit towards the end, it was really nowhere near as bad as its made out to be on TV and in movies. Still a tough few hours though and reckon us gals are engineered for it – we are tough.

    If only we could have the babies and run the world, there would be no recession and a lot less war!!


    I cover sex ed with teenage boys in our school. Pregnancy & childbirth are covered in 2nd year in our place. One of the dvds I show them is narrated by Prof Robert Winston (fertility expert, moustache, glasses, curly hair, BBC….) & is a chapter in a series called ‘The Human Body’.

    At one point, he describes how the baby doesn’t just slide out of the vagina through a short, straight passage. It has to go around a 90 degree corner. He describes it as going around the u-bend under a sink or like shoving a foot into a welly-boot & his description is accompanied by a three d computer generated animation to illustrate it. Funnily enough, that’s the bit where they usually go a bit pale & quiet…

    It also shows a birth in brief. The lady is having a home birth & is in a bath – and all the lads are concerned about is that they can see her boobs – ‘Would she not cover herself up, Miss?’ ‘Is she not embarrassed?’ ‘My wife won’t be doing that….’ They are an absolute hoot! Sooooo conservative & innocent in their way….


    you have to love young boys!!! I have a 5 year old asking why our dog cant have puppies 🙄 😆 😆 😆

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